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Mason Munchii

Ban Appeal - Mason - 11/14/20 - Discord

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Time Submitted: 01:20:08 PM | 11/14/20
Submitted By: Mason Munchii (5740)

In-Game Name:

Steam / Player ID:

Date of ban:

In your opinion, why were you banned?:
I was banned from discord for calling ted a noncy cunt. However I deeply am sorry that he wears sandals like a Indian man indoors and can’t afford fresh set of Gucci sliders. And I am sorry for what I have said because I know calling ted a nonce is quite personal for him...

What reason was given for your ban?

Why should you be unbanned?
This encounter with mutated toe only happened because he decided to chat shit to his “boys” about us even tho we haven’t even loaded arma in 6 months. I don’t even have to join the ts to know exactly what he said.. it’s cute he still has wet dreams about us, it honestly is. But sorry ted I don’t swing that way, I’ll hook you up with Kevin Kevinson, you even have the same shoe wear!!

What platform / server were you banned on?:

Link to initial report (if applicable):

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As its probably the last appeal i can do, declined!

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