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Jungle Life Suggestions - Different cars

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Time Submitted: 08:46:44 PM | 11/03/20
Submitted By: Ge0rge
Forum ID: 10266

What Does Your Suggestion Relate To:
Jungle Life Suggestions

Suggestion Title:
Different cars 

What Is Your Suggestion:
the first car is a Ford Fiesta Gymkhana 3 which is a car built for the dirt(https://gyazo.com/87001b68933d51fe60f42076bab7f4f3). the second 1996 Subaru Impreza WRC97 Rally Car built for the tracks(https://gyazo.com/147df9eecf55f781b325c64c64d4f5b0). the third is a Land Rover Defender Works V8 2018 built for the jungle(https://gyazo.com/b326ed3517cd6b7fc61620e19f498104). the fourth car is a 2020 Dodge Durango SRT very big and loud(https://gyazo.com/8172561df42b5bcf12d95b1f23b0ec5b). the final and a flex is a chevrolet camaro zl1 2019(https://gyazo.com/4cbd1ddf0d5061515e81d5b562409158?token=3f2aac8c2132854e6c503201e1ba1af1)

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Apart from the fact that I needed a magnifying glass to see 4 of them clearly and the one I did see unaided feels bulky and unneeded. Of course, if you're willing to take the time to model, animate and create all the assets needed for what you are suggesting then go right on ahead. I don't think this is needed tbh.

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I would like to see more different cars, but it has no high priority for me right now

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