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Jungle Life Installation

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Jungle Life Installation

TL:DR; Quick Install
- Select Subscribe to All
- Enable all 4 mods in your ArmA 3 launcher


Installing the Maps

Installing the map is very simple and you need to use both links below to do so. Once subscribing to them they will download in your Steam and be visible in your Arma Launcher under "Mods".


Installing the Mods

To play on the Jungle Life server you will need to install the PhoenixRP Jungle Life Modpack.

Once subscribing to the modpack on the Steam Workshop it should automatically install to your Arma 3 folder. The Modpack also requires CBA_A3 to be installed which is linked below.

By the end of this stage your Arma 3 Launcher should look like the image below. Your game is now setup and ready for Jungle Life. The next step is to setup TaskForce Radio.



Setting up TaskForceRadio
Bundled with the PhoenixRP Jungle Life Mod is TaskForceRadio, which requires setting up if you haven't already.

To setup TaskForceRadio you need to install the plugin and follow the install.

Once it is installed you then need to enable it in TeamSpeak which can be done by: Tools > Options > Addons and clicking "enable" this will require a restart.

Once installing TaskForceRadio you will then be able to join the TeamSpeak channel "TaskForceRadio" (ts.phoenixrp.co.uk) however joining the server and being in the TeamSpeak should automatically move you to the right channel.

Using the in-game talking system is different to Altis Life and CAPS LOCK is now used for radios. To talk in game normally just press your Push To Talk button for TeamSpeak or if you do not have one setup your microphone will be constantly activated in game unless you mute yourself in Teamspeak.

The radios in game can be used to talk to specific groups and you are able to change the frequency of the radio. This can be done by pressing CTRL + P and clicking on the radio to change the frequency, once you input a frequency you can save it by hitting ENT (enter). You can also change the direct speech volume by pressing CTRL + TAB and this will cycle between whispering, normal or yelling. More detailed instructions on using radios can be read here.

Joining the Server & Updates
To connect to the server you must launch the game from the launcher with the required mods selected. If after joining the server you receive a flashing screen telling you to install TaskForceRadio, make sure you have followed the previous instructions properly and enabled TaskForceRadio plugin in your TeamSpeak, and that you are in the right TeamSpeak channel.

Every time that the PhoenixRP Jungle Life modpack is updated, you will be notified via the Discord so make sure to keep up to date there!

Updating the Modpack is relatively easy, In the Arma Launcher under mods, find the "PhoenixRP - Jungle Life" Mod, Right Click > Repair. This should force the modpack to update and it will download in Steam. Once the modpack is updated, you will then be able to join the server again.

Mods & Map Creditation
Mod Credits:

Map Credits:

We greatly appreciate the development of all mods and map creators. All Mods/Maps are in guidance with their relevant licensing, and is used under the Bohemia APL-SA License.

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