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Player Report - majz - 10/20/20 - TeamSpeak/Discord

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Time Submitted: 06:50:23 PM | 10/20/20
Submitted By: MAISTRO_TR (9422)

Your In-Game Name:

Who are you reporting?:

Time/Date of event:
20.10.2020 19.30 Uk time

Rule's Broken:
1.3 Malicious Attacks 1.5 Personal Attacks 1.4 Verbal Abuse 1.14 Discrimination

Explain what happened:
he said very bad things about me and my mother and when i said that i was going to report him he said that it would be a revenge report and he did a report on my mother , he continued saying very bad words and insulting me he also called me a mong and a retard he also said that if he gets banned he is going to ddos kevin also nizwald couldnt ban him because he had the tag. İn support they called me the r word a lot and they called me a fuking idiot and he kept being toxic.

Evidence (Video/Screenshot):
https://phoenixrp.life/topic/35213-player-report-maistros-mum-102020-altis-life/ - https://youtu.be/1wrTQZYjY_s - https://youtu.be/SXxAQzO-Jbg - https://youtu.be/TrAQSCxiSj8 - https://i.hizliresim.com/CD31ll.jpg - https://i.hizliresim.com/DCw4YS.jpg

Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?:

Support Member Involved?:
Adam Braz

Edited by MAISTRO_TR
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have you been to support to resolve it yet?

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