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PhoenixRP Turns 4 Years Old 🥳

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PhoenixRP Turns 4 Years Old 🥳

4 years ago we started up our first server, Takistan Life. We didn't know what the fuck we were doing, but somehow we made it work. We adapted to the situation we were in, and that's when we decided to make an Altis Life server and in hindsight, that decision went pretty well for us.

It's clear we are not in the same position now than we were a few months ago with Altis Life, I am aware people are upset by this and this definitely isn't the most appealing time to be celebrating an anniversary, however, I have to be honest in saying I have been enjoying running PhoenixRP more now then I have in a long time. The expectations of something I didn't find enjoyable are eased and I can focus on something that I am genuinely excited by. Although things don't look great now, I truly believe the next year will be a significant one in the future of this great community.

Jungle Life is still a work in progress and we will be opening up the beta to a select few who have registered their interest. I am so excited to finally get people on and giving feedback so we can build and improve what we already have. I can't wait to see familiar and new faces and get stuck in to playing on Jungle Life.

We're aiming to make Year 5 the most interesting and enjoyable year yet - thank you to those that have stuck with us and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon


Much Love,

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