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PhoenixRP.co.uk becomes PhoenixRP.LIFE

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PhoenixRP.co.uk becomes PhoenixRP.LIFE



We are happy to announce that we are changing our primary domain from PhoenixRP.co.uk to PhoenixRP.LIFE - there are a few reasons for this change, lets go over it briefly.

The main reason is that the domain/TLD is not region specific - we want to begin promoting PhoenixRP to a global demographic, the new domain will allow us to do this. This is very important for our up and coming project.

We will continue to focus our developments around the UK and European region, so our servers will remain hosted in the UK where possible and Altis Life will remain UK themed.

PhoenixRP.co.uk will continue to be supported and will either continue to work as expected or redirect to PhoenixRP.LIFE


Stay tuned, big announcement coming soon :)

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