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Compensation Request - Ergun - 09/11/20 (Altis Life)

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Time Submitted: 05:30:20 PM | 09/11/20
Submitted By: Turbo (7687)

In-Game Name:

Steam / Player ID:

Date of Event:

Link to evidence (player report or video):
Mike sano and Adam (staff members)

Details of Event:
I logged off to get a water bottle and some food after collecting shipwreck before i logged i asked Adam if my items would disappear he said no they wouldnt, however after logging back on the items were not in my inventory.

Mike Sano can vouch for me doing the shipwreck

Compensation Amount:
3x Treasure
7x Antique

Confirmation of legitimacy:
I understand and agree.

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Nah i just went to one and thats the loot i got it was my first time doing it i didnt even know you get treasures i had to ask support and idk the actual loot tables but thats all i got

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Sorry for the late response @Turbo

In regards to your shipwreck items, I will compensate you £1,500,000 for your lost items. I'm not accusing you of lying, but the amount of items you have listed seems a bit excessive from just a singular shipwreck. 
The support member who gave you the information made a mistake, and that is why you're being compensated. Just be aware next time - any item illegal will despawn from your inventory if you do log off the server.  

As for your lost vehicles, I believe Kevin is working on a fix for that, and it's just a matter of time until they are returned to your garage :) 

Compensation request Accepted

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