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How To Request Compensation

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Requesting Compensation

We understand here at PhoenixRP that sometimes situations are out of your control and sometimes you do lose out. We understand this is really frustrating, however, there may still be a chance to get this back.

Before posting a Compensation Request, please make sure you have the following information:

Here are the things we accept as a Valid Compensation Request:

  • VDM/RDM - You must first post a Player Report which has to be accepted.
  • Any form of Rule break - Must first post a Player Report which has to be accepted. 
  • Hackers / Client Desync (If someone desyncs into you whilst driving or a Hacker kills you on the server).
  • Any Server crashes / unannounced restarts. (Most the time however you gear will be synced to the database beforehand).
  • Any virtual inventory items in your Y menu or T Menu.
  • Any money that's dropped under a object that's unable to be reached/picked up.

Here are the things we do not accept as a Valid Compensation Request:

  • Client-side issues, for example game crashes or jumping out a car at high speed.
  • User error, for example sending the wrong person money through the ATM Transfer.
  • Arma 3 glitches out of our control.
  • Perk Points that are reset. This is not in our control however we will work to reset them back but cannot confirm they will work again.
  • Any death or loss while using the "Jump Script".
  • Anything involving sling loading.

You need to ensure you have clear evidence to back up your Compensation Request. We will not look through logs to see what gear you had at the time of death. The only time logs will be check over is if the Server Crashed or the Request is for anything more than £10,000,000.

These are the rules of filling in a compensation request:

  • If your player report requires the people to check logs then it will most likely take longer then usual. 
  • As soon as your request is accepted, the amount of money you have been compensated will be added to your bank account within the next restart.
  • Failure to respond to a question on your Request within 24 Hours will automatically time the Request out and you will have to create a new Request.
  • You have to provide a list of all items you lost, with the price. For example: MK1-750k, 50x Meth-4,5 Million.
  • Lying in a compensation request will result in denial and it could end up in a game ban.
  • Bumping your own request, or tagging admins will means we will decline the compensation request and it could mean a warning point.
  • Messaging admins about the compensation request is not accepted either, unless you need to provide them with extra information.

Now you are clear with the above information please feel free to fill in the following form. Once you submit this Request it will be posted here. You can track the progress and respond to any questions we may have.

We wish you the best in luck and hope to see you around on the servers.

PhoenixRP Management


Click Here To Request Compensation


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