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  1. i dont know if you understand what majority means but if the majority of people want something on a server it usually gets implemented
  2. it will be the factions voting yes and since 3/4 of the server is factions this will probably pass
  3. nobody really chops ifrits, i know that max doesnt like CSAT chopping rebel vehicles so its just police that crush vehicles
  4. i dont get free gear so confused to what ur trying to say
  5. pretty sure we never got given the money from the lakka drug cartel event either @Nizwald
  6. im sure you will report 2.9 for anything in the future but sure its dropped
  7. im busy atm i cant go to support but if Thor wants to drop this then so will i
  8. why did you say "shut up you son of a whore" in swedish to me in game?
  9. i wish you good fortune in the wars to come
  10. we say it as a joke because the server is so faction orientated
  11. scroll up a few comments i made a few suggestions
  12. bench snipes rebels with his free Mar-10 and wonders why rebel life is dead xD
  13. feel free to now read my response to Gill
  14. NATO isnt even an argument for a server that peaks at 60 players with half of them being factions, they need to stop looking for more reasons to join a faction and start focusing on reasons to play rebel
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