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  1. JeminaRiot

    Mass garage sale

    All 13 x Police Stingers 800k and 2 x 4-five .45 APC 1.2mil
  2. JeminaRiot

    It's time, Max is out ;)

    Hopefully I will see u at the Kavalas white chairs time to time u lil softie😇
  3. JeminaRiot


    Love uuu Softie Proxy, just remember who's the tough one and who's the softie
  4. JeminaRiot

    Mass garage sale

    All 11 x Police Stingers 500K and 2 x 4-five .45 APC 1mil 😇
  5. Good evening, As the governor of Altis it is my duty and honour to protect the people, and because of this I have had to make a decision. My secretary Jamie Williams and I have been speaking for many hours deciding whether to do this or not, but we have agreed to do it. From this moment onwards the Tanoa mining corporation has had its license revoked due to many illegal activities in the group which I now call a “rebel group” this company is using its license to capture drug cartels and other illegal activities and I have now put a stop to it, Jamie and I will be speaking to the Altis police constabulary regarding the illegal activities and decide how long to revoke the license for, but the license being revoked for the foreseeable future is not off the table, my secretary Jamie will be writing these APC meetings down and publicly posting them as I don’t believe in secrets I believe that the public should understand whats happening and I stand by this. Jemina Governor Of Altis
  6. Good evening, I stand here today as the new governor of Altis and I am delighted to be here. I want to establish peace and delight to the island; My Secretary of the island Jamie Williams will be arranging meetings with the heads of the Altis police constabulary and the national health service. I will be establishing my s01 protection as soon as I possibly can, and I want to sign some agreements with some groups so I can help corporations increase their purchasing power therefore boosting the economy. My goal will to be to create peace and reintroduce local businesses into Kavala and Athira. I will be listening to queries and questions you have so feel free to ask. Yours Faithfully Jemina
  7. Hi, I found proof about this action (map marker house upgrade, purchased a house, garage fee and titanium locks level 1 house upgrade)
  8. Time Submitted: 10:20:41 PM | 04/23/20 Submitted By: RiotJemJem (9411) In-Game Name: Jemina Steam / Player ID: 76561197960287930 Date of Event: 04/23/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): I dont have any, because i wasn't prepared for this to happen Details of Event: Before forced restart at 10pm, i bought a house near Havoc CP and spend almost all my money to it. (1050000 + spawn point to that house) Compensation Amount: House next to Havoc CP (1050000), spawn point. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. JeminaRiot

    Amazing admin helped me and my friends when we had a problem with a clitched bush at one of the selling points. Good job and thank you so much :)

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      @RiotJemJem Hello Roy?

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      Founder Number 2.5

      oi @Jelle were some dutch given a sense of humour and the rest just left to be dumb?

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