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  1. Alfie King

    It's time, Max is out ;)

  2. Alfie King

    It's time, Max is out ;)

    o7 Who am i going to abuse now?
  3. Alfie King


    fuck off?
  4. Alfie King


  5. Alfie King

    Mass garage sale

    OK BOOMER - 150k For 4 tasers
  6. Please look at the Video and Explain , i have another 20 video's from my GoPro Hero 3 that states otherwise
  7. I believe This was the correct thing to do , I've seen them multiple times attempting Cartels and also around Rebel Hides proceeding in Illegal Action which is breaking their Contact.
  8. Time Submitted: 11:20:41 AM | 05/14/20 Submitted By: King ban (901) In-Game Name: Athiux Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:73177714 Age / DoB: 18 / 09/10/01 Timezone: (GMT+1) Character RP Story: I was a Young Child about the age of 15 and i wanted to join the army but due to my medical Record they denied me the spot and i looked for guidance and stumbled on to a public service program in college , i study Police and firefighter programs for years but my mother told me we was moving house to Altis , i never heard of this place but was told we had an amazing view over the sea , Of Course at the age of 15 we moved and i believe the city was going to open new doors for me but when we got their we heard alot of drama with our house and had to sleep on the streets for a few nights before they gave us the keys , after we got in to the house i though it would be a good idea to go to the shop and grab so bits for my mother and i stumbled across to police officers talking and released i could become a police officer here , i asked them how do i apply , the giggled and laughed and said u can applyed for the cadets first then work for the police in the future , So i did , and that leaves me here apply for the police, my one true dream Why do you want to join APC?: I want to join the police because i believe i have the skills to help around the island and be a massive benefit with my pass exp i was a SGT In the police and a MI5 Member i believe my time as a police officer back then was very thanked as my service was long and hard working , i've had a long break but i believe it time to come back and help again better then before and learn more from the active officers and maybe in the future train the new coming officers Time Played on PhoenixRP: I've been on and off PhoenixRP Since 2017 Define 'roleplay' in your own words: Roleplay acting as a character and role realistically Do you speak fluent English?: Yes Acceptance to uphold rights/laws etc: Yes
  9. Time Submitted: 09:16:48 PM | 05/11/19 Submitted By: King ban (901) In-Game Name: King Ban Steam / Player ID: STEAM_0:1:73177714 Administrator who issued ban: cyber freak Date of ban: 05/11/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: because im an idiot who nlr near CP After dying to a civ thinking it was rdming and messaging the staff saying i was rdm and said i was going back. What reason was given for your ban? for not given evidence for the nlr Why should you be unbanned? i did a stupid mistake messaging the admins saying i was rdming with no video or evidence and i very fuck up this badly im really really sorry i really want to get unbanned because this server is something i play and enjoy everyday and makes me happy , i understand what i've done and i wish to stay in the server and i wont do it again , i've been informed about how to approach this rdm/nlr problem and im very sorry What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  10. I do love how they dont show the other 1-3 mins of me trying to talk to them , Its nice how you paint a picture on the police , i could also say its nice that you Work with hackers to get a reaction
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