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  1. Hey Guys, I know the servers are a little quiet right now, I tried bringing some new players on with me recently and one of the main things that came up was the lack of available houses on the server, have/are these ever wiped for inactive players?
  2. Mr. Grey

    Just some venting

    @Matt, as someone who ran a successful community for over 2 years, starting a full community and managing it is one hell of a job, not enough people appreciate the actual time and dedication that is needed. I fully understand where you are coming from, we start these communities to make friends and to have fun but i gets to a certain point where its more of a "job" than your actual IRL job with no pay and no thanks attached. The best thing we can do is to put good people with positive attitudes who care about the server in places they are now needed. we need a "Project Manager" type person at some points, someone who can get everyone pulling in the same direction for the good of the community. @Theodore is probably one of the most active and passionate people i met, not only for the Arma3 server but for the community as whole, utilizing people like him to help increase communication between the various management levels and the faction leaders would be a huge help. With regards to the comments made about Admin staff and faction leaders playing for the removal of others, this is the one thing that almost killed our community back in the day, the server needs a capable staff lead that will deal with this quickly, no one wants to play in a place with toxic players let alone admin abusers. genuinely, shut that shit down ASAP, if that means cutting back on the admins/faction leads then it needs to be done, all it takes is for the community to get a slight reputation and people will just leave to another large community and then everyone loses out.
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