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  1. True, MBWS best gang
  2. I can cout it on my fingers 🖐️
  3. It also says the highest peak was 56,000 playing at once.
  4. Liam Johnson

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit #6

    Not enough drop shots and quick peeking, source - ash/jäger main.
  5. Havoc has gone, replaced by a new faction.
  6. As the Chief of Training & Recruitment of the Altis Police Academy I can confirm this is true.
  7. They are NOT kill on sight. Only places with a red circle are KOS.
  8. It's an Arma 3 feature. You do it from the main menu.
  9. You can change the colour of the civilian faction in the game settings and it will change the colour of your gang mates on the map.
  10. Also broken for me, CI with Academy Chief whitelist which apparently could break it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Still not as good as Govenor Walk #3
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