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  1. Thank you for your reply. We have withdrawn from the island as a result of the legitimacy of our embassy being called into question
  2. lol you took the logo I made thanks
  3. ЗВАНИЧНО ОБАВЕШТЕЊЕ ВЛАДЕ РЕПУБЛИКЕ СРБИЈЕ Official Announcement by the government of the Republic of Serbia I, as the former ambassador of the Republic of Serbia am addressing the Altian people with the following letter: On the 29th of March Serbian officials signed the final document with former HAVOC leaders, promising that all uprisings against NATO forces would be funded and supported, and Altis has delivered, with the formation of CSAT on this island we still see hope in bringing peace and freedom to the people of Altis. As outlined in the "BELGRADE I" agreement, we will make a big effort to reach CSAT with help for it's further development. Therefore, with this letter, we propose the "BELGRADE II" agreement to the current CSAT command to further our relationship with this group and help Altians. The agreement "БЕОГРАД I" ("BELGRADE I") The following document is the proposal for the "BELGRADE II" agreement to CSAT, and we hope that the following can be realized in the shortest time period possible. The proposed agreement "БЕОГРАД II" ("BELGRADE II") This, in contrast to the "БЕОГРАД I" agreement is an executive order, signed by our president Aleksandar Vučić, rather than the minister of foreign affairs, outlining the importance of this document to the people of Serbia and the anti-nato coalition . A part of our plan has already been finished, we have created an embassy in Pyrgos, at this location: (Official parking is at the back entrance, behind the gate please) We hope that this embassy brings more opportunities to conduct this diplomatic mission. To our fellow Altians, Serbia has and always will be on the side of the settlers who have been on your island for thousands of years, and we want to prove that to you, our system will allow you not to worry about your safety without having to carry many kilos of gear on you, and therefore give you a more comfortable living experience. To our fellow CSAT commanding officers, we hope to welcome this help, together with our military experience proven through countless engagements, and help us bring peace to Altians. For Altis! За Алтис! Министарство одбране и Војска Србије Београд, Србија 11000 Ministry of defence and the Serbian Military Belgrade, Serbia 11000 Thank you for reading Feel free to contact us with any questions/info.
  4. it kinda ruined arma for me, spent so much time working on the server and rping that starting over just feels like a bit too much work
  5. As for the base building aspect have a look at what a server called [REDACTED] has. (Don't know if they still have it didn't play there for a long time)
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