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  1. good song choice but can this really go up against adam braz and mystics montages, wobbly aim sir sorry. 6/10
  2. conclusion to this, your aim is shit.
  3. Server clown, i am the fragstar of csat my friend
  4. You are the funniest man on this planet, Melon.
  5. Hi this is Gorg here, To be completely honest this is the definition of Adam, and that means it's shit in other words. Music choice is good but clips are so shit, literally like it's getting boring now dude. We wanna see clips what involves jumping out of Helis and landing on the ground (Surviving it aswell) and killing everyone. Your aim is wobbly, wobbly like spaghetti, people in CSAT literally call you Adam Bollocks or Balls for a reason, your dogshit. Upgrade the levels buddy then post on the forums. Also when will i be getting into CTU, if i remember Correctly Mystic and Fulton arranged a position for me to be in there to really show how it's done in the server. But total scoring for this my friend is 4/10 for poor effort for the new Upcoming Jungle Life.
  6. who do you think your speaking to? little wobbly aim cuntbag
  7. this is worse than adam bollocks fraggy but i will give you a point for the end, funny little clip
  8. Gorg

    premium event, liked by a lot of people

  9. nice frag montage, bit wobbly isn't it i recall
  10. @Louis Vuitton Ignore the KD but I'm stepping up the gears as i said in my Previous Editied message, also this is me killing you, Cuntbag
  11. VjOqDTe.jpg

    Giving Rebels more Advanced Equipment for their Journeys of Phoenix! (Very Friendly People)

  12. Item Name: Laptop Screenshot: Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: £50,000,000 Minimum Increment: £1,000,000 End Date: 25th August
  13. Kevin


    1. Gorg



    2. Timing


      At least he got what he wanted

  14. Gorg

    First one to sign your Profile, Officially Signed by Gorg

    1. Nizwald



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