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  1. Paddy McCarthy

    Changelog - Altis Life

    Hotfix v2.6.8 | 22/09/2020 @ 16:00 BST Changed: Supercaps only spawn at the 8pm restarts (subject to change based on feedback). Fixed: Admins being able to cap the supercaps. Fixed: Popups spawning when supercaps are active.
  2. £17,414,944 will be in your account at the 00:00 restart 22/09/2020. Compensation request; ACCEPTED.
  3. Paddy McCarthy

    Paddy McCarthy


    1. Gill


      sadly that 20:15 restart fucked me up big time, i was doing a gem run and lost a crap ton.

  4. Paddy McCarthy

    Changelog - Altis Life

    Supercaps! v2.6.7 | 21/09/2020 @ 20:00 BST Added: Supercaps. KOS zones where you earn money for kills. You also gain a large amount of money for capturing the zone (each member of gang inside the zone when captured) Four supercaps will spawn per restart when there are 15 or more players online. This feature is a base for an expanded feature coming soon! Added: CSAT Viper HQ. Changed: Airdrops now spawn in random locations around the map once super caps have ended. Changed: Reduced weapon prices by 20%. Changed: Location of Spec Units HQ. Changed: Various Crafting Recipes Fixed: APC operation shop. Removed: CSAT Distribution Center. Removed: Tower at Zaros bay cartel.
  5. Paddy McCarthy

    Zaka Last #5

    Things you love to see;
  6. Paddy McCarthy

    Paddy McCarthy

    Thanks for coming to the event, hope it was fun :) Winners will receive their money at midnight restart! (Listed below)


    1. Zaka


      @Simon Ross yeah about that loan you got.. im gonna need it back dude + double

    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Damnnn not bad going

  7. Paddy McCarthy

    Paddy McCarthy

    Supercap in 20 minutes. Rules have slightly changed this time round. Everyone in zone at end of 30 mins will get 10 million each, but the zone will shrink as the 30 mins draws closer! :) 


    1. Lolyhase


      thanks paddy that was a nice and fun event you hosted there, also thanks to the staff moderating the event @Mystic thanks.

      The only thing you could change for the next supercap event would be the locations, maybe have some more varietny, OG and Church are kinda boring in my opinion since you fight there always anyways due to the cartels beeing there. 

      Next time you could maybe do it in areas where fightS dont happend that often maybe in cities or military areas. 

      Apart from that very nice event thanks again :) 

  8. Paddy McCarthy

    Supercap Event

    SUPERCAP EVENT Tonight, 15th September @ 20:00 BST - WINNERS -
  9. Paddy McCarthy

    Paddy McCarthy

    Just wanted to clear this up; This isn't a case of a management member not giving a shit and just RDMing someone. As you can see in the post (linked below) I compensated him and made sure he was okay with me accidentally executing him (he was already killed by another gang). I always have and always will play fair, and play by the rules. Hope this clears up any confusion/misconception regarding the report.


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    2. Alexander


      Hi Pads, 

      Please out me trough to your supervisor.



    3. Jelle



    4. Lolyhase


      Some people are always going to cry and complain. It's just ridiculous. Everyone knows that you wouldn't do anything to harm the server or be unfair and abuse, you have proven that multiple times with all your dedication and time spend here and those individuals that are still crying can fuck off they do fuck all for the community and make things worse. 💪

  10. Paddy McCarthy

    3rd Prestige

    Completed. @Bosh
  11. You were complaining about the gear you lost and asked me to comp you. Even if that wasn't the case, you took the compensation and had no issues and said absolutely nothing to me about not being happy with the resolution, then 19 days later you go ahead and report me. That isn't how that works unfortunately. I can't comment on this as it doesn't involve me, but each case is different & the majority non comparable. @TeddyBear I'm happy for you to decide the outcome of this case in your own time. I've said what I needed to.
  12. You did on Teamspeak chat. Yes, correct. It's not a case of you could, it's a case of you have for a few years now. This is one screenshot I have that I sent to you in game, a message from me to you saying sorry for killing you as I was aiming for the police (don't have teamspeak chat logs until you are on the teamspeak)
  13. Hi @Tiger, Not sure if you suffer from short term (well it's long term at this stage) memory loss or not, but you may remember a conversation with had via Teamspeak chat. You asked me why I did it, and I apologised, stating I was aiming for the police (and had their permission to do so). I told you I was sorry numerous times, and then I also asked you for the price of your gear. After this, I sent you 750,000 of my own money to cover the cost of your gear (proof below). The whole report is slightly odd, you waited exactly 19 days to report me, and not only did you wait 19 days to report me, you also did this after accepting compensation and moving on with the case solved between us. Quite odd Tiger. Anyway, @TeddyBear this case had been resolved as you see above, not sure why it's been opened again 19 days later.
  14. This is just such an unbelievably ridiculous, dumbfounded take. Don't be such a profound idiot.
  15. Paddy McCarthy

    rip luke

    @Bandit VDM 🤔
  16. Paddy McCarthy

    Supercap Event

    SUPERCAP EVENT Tonight, 7th September @ 20:00 BST - WINNERS - 1st Supercap - 2.9 2nd Supercap - 2.9 3rd Supercap - 2.9 4th Supercap - APC
  17. Paddy McCarthy

    Altis Life Suggestions - Revert HM back

    Reverted back to Telos.
  18. Paddy McCarthy

    Changelog - Altis Life

    Hotfix v2.6.7 | 07/09/2020 @ 00:00 BST Added: Various mags to APC shop. Changed: Moved location of HM Treasury back to Telos domes. Fixed: Spec Units HQ boxes.
  19. Paddy McCarthy

    Northern Cap

    Still an issue in latest update. Will take a further look into this.
  20. Paddy McCarthy

    Capping cartels without a weapon

    Re-opened this.
  21. Paddy McCarthy

    Changelog - Altis Life

    Minor Tweaks v2.6.6 | 06/09/2020 @ 20:00 BST Added: APC Operations Shop. A new shop that can be activated by SI+ during major crimes. Added: Undercover SUV for TPU T3+. Added: Feature where chop shop cannot be accessed during gang wars. Added: New skin for ifrit + skins for Qilin. Added: Various new CSAT skins. Changed: Size of CSAT Distribution zone. Changed: Layout & red zone size of Lakka Drug Cartel. Changed: Location of Spec Units HQ. Changed: Various CSAT weapon/clothing changes. Changed: Various APC weapon changes. Changed: Prices of black market items (starting to phase out black market). Fixed: Damage to buildings at Northern no longer destroy them. Fixed: Issue with Inspector/CI whitelisting not being able to pull prowlers. Fixed: CSAT not being able to open their gates with P. Fixed: CSAT van/hellcat skins.
  22. Paddy McCarthy

    Paddy McCarthy

    CSAT still recruiting, put in an LOI here; https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/9-csat-loi/

    1. Mason Munchii

      Mason Munchii

      Is rebel life recruiting as well?

    2. Gill


      Rebel life dead, make more organisations!


  23. Haven't done exactly what this says, although I have made it so that you cannot chop vehicles during Gang Wars (8pm-12pm restart on Fridays).
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