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  1. Paddy McCarthy

    Paddy McCarthy

    Supercap in 20 minutes. Rules have slightly changed this time round. Everyone in zone at end of 30 mins will get 10 million each, but the zone will shrink as the 30 mins draws closer! :) 


    1. Lolyhase


      thanks paddy that was a nice and fun event you hosted there, also thanks to the staff moderating the event @Mystic thanks.

      The only thing you could change for the next supercap event would be the locations, maybe have some more varietny, OG and Church are kinda boring in my opinion since you fight there always anyways due to the cartels beeing there. 

      Next time you could maybe do it in areas where fightS dont happend that often maybe in cities or military areas. 

      Apart from that very nice event thanks again :) 

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