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  1. Jamie.


  2. So after renewing the evidence i have come to a conclusion @J.Hamilton So when u got out of Your Van u were not visible when u initiated so there was no valid initiation so that makes it invalid initiation as Rules 3.1 Player Initiation u need to make sure they can see your Gun when u initiate @Ivan Gusev so as there was no valid initiation that means u have RDM all of them u need to make sure there is always valid initiation as in Rule 3.1 Player Initiation So there For Both Sides will receive a Warning for RDM Player Report Accepted
  3. Is that my Tank?
  4. Hello i will be dealing with this Player Report @Ivan Gusev U have 24 Hours to Respond
  5. After reviewing the evidence i see no rule break as he did initiate on u Player report declined
  6. Hello i will be Dealing with this Case today Is there a possibility We can resolve this In support? @Bough Noggeye And @A.J. Squared Away
  7. Compensation request accepted. £696000 will be added to your account.
  8. Time Submitted: 08:41:47 PM | 06/25/20 Submitted By: Ricardo (8162) Your In-Game Name: Ricardo Who are you reporting?: Coleman Trebor Time/Date of event: 6/25 Rule's Broken: 2.9 Explain what happened: So i was Driving my plower down the MSR to get RP out of the Cops so a Cop was Trying to Pull So I pull over to talk to him he just Drive-By so I got back on the road and got Spike and they just Started screaming Out of the Cae or be sot so I Jump out and they they started screaming Hands Up or be tased Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://medal.tv/clips/27204473/d1337W3rdxtA Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: 23345 Teddy
  9. Hello I Will be dealing with this Player Reporter @Reginald Lawrence And @Will Wicks Can u boys try and resolve this Support.
  10. After reviewing the evidence I have concluded that there is RDM from both side. Corgi, you can't warning shot or initiate from a vehicle therefore there was no intiiation so when you started to shoot at Samel and you were RDMing him at that point. When you got out and shot him you were breaking the RDM rule so therefore I will issue a warning point to you for RDM. Samel as there was no initiation and you started to shoot at the heli with no initiation you RDM'd as well, so you will also recieve a warning for RDM. Please re-read the initiation rules and ensure you know how to initiate. Player report accepted
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