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  1. Larz

    Clean up Script

    I've been looking at the cleanup script and can't see any issues. Have vehicles disappeared when you are just outside a vehicle @Pingster?
  2. Larz

    Clean up Script

    I'll have a look at this as soon as I can.
  3. Larz


    This should be fixed for our next release. Cheers for reporting it.
  4. Looks cool and feasible. I'll see what I can do.
  5. Hi, I've pushed an update where you can toggle the intro in the "Misc" menu. Should be available when we release our next version.
  6. Could you maybe draw where you would want these buttons using this picture @Pingster? I'm having a hard time visualizing it.
  7. Hi, The deposit all function has been implemented and should be available in our next update. It will allow you to click "Deposit All" and transfer a maximum of 10 million each time without the need to input a number. I will have a look at changing the dialog for banks to add preset numbers in the future.
  8. I'm still here, what on earth are you on about?
  9. Larz

    ur cute xx

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      He's mine.

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      Shh let me and larz have our time in peace

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      xcuz me?


  10. Larz


    When the bug happens, so yes if you can.
  11. Larz


    Could you provide a video and if possible your RPT log?
  12. Up to management, but can be done, yes.
  13. I'm unable to replicate this. Could please elaborate on the steps?
  14. Larz

    Rule changelog

    Sorry, missed that, but it's still not being used properly.
  15. Larz

    AMS Coroner System

    While I love the idea I think it might be quite messy to implement.
  16. Larz

    Rule changelog

    When a rule is changed please have a changelog like the development one. This way it's easier to see if a rule has been changed.
  17. Fixed for the next update. Also changed the dead body marker for you, @Thanos
  18. @Kevin @Conner Merlin @Harry can you please have a look at this?
  19. Larz

    Go Kart Spawn

    This should be resolved in our next update. Thanks for the report @Jelle
  20. This was changed recently. It's intentional.
  21. Larz

    Arma loading screen into server

    Has this occured to any of you again since this was reported?
  22. I'll investigate this as soon as possible. Thanks for the report.
  23. I'll ask someone who has access to the database to have a look. Unlikely that the issue is mission-sided. @Kevin
  24. Larz

    Go Kart Spawn

    Were there any vehicles on the spawn when this occured? Should be under the little roof to the left of the shop.
  25. The money script is being executed on the server and then put into your gang. It loops until someone else captures it as far as I know. Can you confirm that there is no more money being added to your gang fund after you log out?
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