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Lewis and Zaka is best

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  1. Can this year get any worse. An hour ago we were about to come on and do a peach run.
  2. Some good statistics here; 

    APC numbers really good- Keep up the goodwork @Fulton!


    1. Liam Johnson

      Liam Johnson

      Now calculate the equation for the graph.

    2. Rat Toes
  3. alot of cheese to be had under those nails 😋
  4. Rat Toes

    Stepping away

    Since @Kevin Kevinson hasn't bothered to comment I'll do one for us both! Bye
  5. On a real note, why does anyone even care about 'ReViVinGG' the server? We have an Ark server that has more pop ©Jakkydee420p. And we dont have a headless client. We wish we did, but we havent met our donation goals through January to October.
  6. Sometimes we must do the things. Do not forget @Curly and @A.J. Squared Away
  7. if you really wanted to revive the server, ask MBS to run it. I heard they are really smart individuals with brains that actually are wrinkly and not smooth. Possibly coarse though. Just a thought.
  8. Rat Toes

    MBS playlist

    Because @Kevin Kevinson didnt edit it
  9. Rat Toes

    MBS playlist

    You're the funny ha ha freakazoid
  10. @Kevin KevinsonKevinson ate his own bogeys multiple multiple times!
  11. Who are you again?
  12. If you need advice on how to direct the best walking video, talk to @A.J. Squared Away
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