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  1. On a real note, why does anyone even care about 'ReViVinGG' the server? We have an Ark server that has more pop ©Jakkydee420p. And we dont have a headless client. We wish we did, but we havent met our donation goals through January to October.
  2. Sometimes we must do the things. Do not forget @Curly and @A.J. Squared Away
  3. if you really wanted to revive the server, ask MBS to run it. I heard they are really smart individuals with brains that actually are wrinkly and not smooth. Possibly coarse though. Just a thought.
  4. Price

    MBS playlist

    Because @Kevin Kevinson didnt edit it
  5. Price

    MBS playlist

    You're the funny ha ha freakazoid
  6. @Kevin KevinsonKevinson ate his own bogeys multiple multiple times!
  7. Price

    The fourms

    Who are you again?
  8. If you need advice on how to direct the best walking video, talk to @A.J. Squared Away
  9. Price

    Cats Rib Has Fallen Off

  10. @Liam Johnson I agree. This island isn't looking for a Communist lackey to force redistribution of wealth. We have done well with BMW and Ken in charge, developing weapons to obliterate turkey and such. The ANP will do everything possible to ensure this filthy communist doesn't get power. Ken Clarke now. Ken Clarke for the future. 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032
  11. It's such an obvious problem, but can management/development communicate to the community what there actually doing to bring back the server? I understand nobody wants to beef up expectation, but right now the expectation is 0. Given the fact people still donate to the server as well, i think the community should be told what's going on. 🐄gang

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    2. Price


      Not far off that.

    3. Mason Munchii

      Mason Munchii

      Trust issues.. smh

    4. Gill


       Yeah i came back a few days ago, i really expected the update the happen by now, i do miss having a consistent player base i think im going to give the game a little break, im not going to any other server just wait for the update then ill be back.

  12. People all think Fulton is some innocent guy who leads the APC. Let me tell you something. When Fulton became leader, everybody thought he'd be this nice guy. In actual fact. Hes imposed a communist d'etat on the APC. Firstly, Josef Fulton brought in a ban on factionalism, forcing the board to comply with his demands or face show trial. Next he imposed war communism on the APC, bringing the departments to heel. Constraining budgets and forcing them to meet quotas of work, or face banishment to gulags. Finally came the Purges. People randomly disappearing? Coincidence, i think not. Those who could be opposition for General Secretary Fulton were exiled or killed, erased from history itself. But i am not a #victim, i'm a #survivor.
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