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  2. @Fulton Has Caffiene Hurt your feelings? I think you should kiss and make up!

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  3. Now this is epic with such similarities how can CSAT oppose HM Government
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  5. I would like to thank @Kevin Kevinson for writing this wonderful article https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H4k7AbHdrfKO1r2ife-EZRKkYqboV10vB3ql910dfIc/edit and I would hope that if it was possible through peaceful means to resolve this CSAT crisis then I should hope to meet with their leader shortly.

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  6. Beyond from what I said in TS I have nothing else I can add. Again sorry for ruining your Onion rings
  7. Foreword by party leader Anne Widdecombe MBE I am delighted to publish our priorities for the Local Government election on July 21st. This is a vital poll, not only for the citizens of Altis but for the future of democracy and political accountability in this country. Voters have a clear choice – they can either vote for candidates and parties that are committed to serving the needs of local communities, or they can vote for parties that have abdicated their responsibilities, shown no willingness to work with one another and no awareness of the damage that their obstinacy and self-interest has been inflicting. It has long passed the point at which those parties needed to get back to reality and start focusing on the things that matter most to people. That is particularly important at a time of such significant political and legal upheaval due to Brexit. Yet there is a real and definite danger that in these elections the dysfunctionality, chaos and ineptitude that ultimately became Stratis’s downfall will spread to local government here. We cannot simply allow the last operating vestige of local democracy here to be destroyed as well. That’s especially the case as I see local government – the services that it delivers and the APC within it - as a great force for good. In the last election we had a brilliant opportunity for radical reform, and yet- that chance was squandered. Ratepayers were promised better services, delivered more efficiently and with greater effectiveness. Yet the promised savings haven’t materialised and an array of powers that were promised were never delivered. It’s hugely frustrating to me that those powers remain in a now mothballed Governor mansion. In the ongoing absence of a Governor it is more important than ever before that this upcoming election serves to better the people of Altis. I’m proud and privileged to be Leader of this Party and I am even more delighted that this year we’re running such an amazing candidate, current and new, from a various background and a high level of experience. Vote for Altis Nationalists who will put the country and your community first and who will deliver better FOR YOU. Vote Altis Nationalist Party 21 July Now from our candidate Mr Kenneth Clark "We know we lost the last election but we've taken it in our stride and we hope to give confidence to the people of Altis so they know they can vote for us. So we took it to the streets of Athira, Agios, Kavala and Pyrgos and people kept saying these three words MAKE IT WORK. After the fall of HAVOC we now have to look after a larger population and landmass and the people haven't seen us do that so if you use your vote wisely we can MAKE IT WORK. Even if you like none of the parties currently running a spoilt ballot says far more than not voting at all so I encourage every single one of you to make sure you're out to vote on the 21st of July, so you can benefit from things like this. Abolish the existing Rates system and replace it with a new, separate and far more transparent split Council Rates Bill and Executive Tax Bill. The current rating system is no longer fit for purpose. As households and businesses across Altis pay their rates bills, many understandably believe it is going towards the funding of their local area. Indeed, the fact that the charge comes as one single bill reinforces the perception that all of the money remains within the local area. But that’s not the case – the regional rate is determined by Westminster, and is only spent on services that are the responsibility of Westminster. With every passing year a smaller and smaller share of the bill is made up of the district element and as a result the proportion being spent locally is diminishing. That’s why we want to split them into a separate Council and Executive Tax, and allow ratepayers to see exactly where their money is going. Backing our town centres The high street has struggled to respond to modern shopping practices. The rise of out-of-town shopping centres, combined with the surge in popularity of online retailing, has forever changed the face of our town centres. Shopping habits have altered permanently, so too must our high streets. Yet the business rating system hasn’t responded or shown the required flexibility to the changes in the market and that in part explains why we have the highest rate of shop vacancies in the UK. That needs to change. The future of our town centres will depend on more than just retail. They will have to include housing, social and leisure options if we are to place them on a sustainable footing. Empowering communities and maximising existing assets Over the last number of years communities right across Altis have unfortunately lost greatly valued local amenities and assets. As a result, some are now coming together to try to save and take over what few remain. The Altis National Party wants to make it easier for those communities to take over the amenities and keep them part of local life. That is why we would strongly support the introduction and implementation of a Community Right to Bid scheme. It would also mean that we would no longer be the only part of the UK without such an arrangement. A new single model of waste management Whilst much progress has been made on reducing waste over the last decade, unfortunately there are indications that waste tonnages are on the rise, that recycling rates are starting to level off and that we are increasingly unlikely to meet the key 2020 target within the revised Waste Framework Directive. As a result, the cost of waste treatment and disposal will likely increase as landfill supply ends and export increases. Whilst individual councils are trying to tackle the problem, there is neither sufficient nor effective leadership from the centre. The visage of a United Altis With the still recently incorporated eastern half of Altis, continuing to feel ravaged from the effects of unification we will use our power and money to put further investment in local health services as well as mental health support, more visible policing to tackle crime and the fear of crime from the high levels of rebel activity, improve the poor and deteriorating road networks, greater social housing projects to match the growing need, use of school premises to provide community and youth services. Strength- Through Morality, Civility and Courage As many may know, we are the party of the strength of our arms. To use them appropriately, against those of less happier lands. Therefore we reforge our solemn oath to the people- this fair isle of Altis will not become a lackey of a foreign adversary. To do this, our Defence Plan reinforces the need for greater First-Strike Capabilities, which come in the form of a general budget increase of 3% GDP (£15 billion GBP) of spending to our brave Armed Forces. Namely, giving the tools to our warriors in the APC, to finish the job and end the misery of degradation , deceit and despair on our Island. That, we pledge. All of the aforementioned goals seem like a mountainous task, but with your help and your vote we can and we will MAKE IT WORK! Sir Kenneth Clark OBE
  8. Here is my POV from what I saw there was no hat and I have no intention of Comping you Someone started shooting when we put you in restraints so we shot you
  9. You did sorta initiate through the floor mate
  10. Can't we all get along guys. Huh? Vote for the Altis national party! And I call that position the Gentle Persuader
  11. Here at the Altis National Party we are very happy with the good work of BMW E46 IN BLACK. However we hope to put foward a new candidate Mr Kenneth Clark If you give us your vote we gaurantee 1. Extra funding for the NHS, another £50 million will be given to help support our frontline workers. 2. Increase the funding for the police and tougher sentences for criminals. 3. As it's being implemented across the UK an Austrailian style point-based system to control immigration. 4. Millions will be invested in science, education, infrastructure and apprenticeships whilst continuing to control debt. 5. A Promise to reach Net zero by 2045 5 years ahead of anywhere in the UK investing in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure. 6. We will not raise the Income Tax, VAT or national insurance. 7. We will recognise Israel as a Independant state. 8. The Nuclear Submarine currently docked in Kavala Bay will only be used for defensive purposes against Turkey. 9. Whilst a new Oil Company has came to Altis under the ANP's leadership we will make sure it does not damage the natural beauty of Altis. 10. We will gaurantee the safety of all marine life in and around the territorial waters of Altis. Thank You, for continuing to support our party to help this country move fowards instead of going backwards Altis Before Me, Altis Behind Me, Altis Around me. Kenneth Clark
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