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  1. Don't enjoy arma anymore, doubt I will play again
  2. rιѕee

    Josh . #2

    decent sir
  3. That's what they do as they hide so people cannot shoot them once a bullet comes their way
  4. After joining this community under a week ago and playing against and part of this play style I would say I'm split 70/30, obviously there is where its pretty boring as someone who is on ground is unable to counter it and are pretty open to getting killed. On the other hand it can also be quite a good play style, like stated above by @Just Ben there is ways around this to kill someone who is underwater or "Sharking"., It's just annoying having to then carry a re-breather and an SDAR to try and kill the person under the water. It has its Pros and cons but imo i would prefer something to be done.
  5. I cannot see a steam secion, also when attempting to link my twitter i get this error
  6. I have tried linking my steam account but cant seem to find where I do it, I have looked all throughout my account settings and it isn't there
  7. +1 people can then see who have the better gang bases x
  8. 3^ Louis, Kevin, Nektarr, Rob, Rush and Taylors. all reformed
  9. open to donations as my bank is dry x
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