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  1. What is your current amount of bans? : 0 Current hours on the server (To the nearest hundred)?: in between all my accounts 200-300 hours Current hours on the game (We expect 1000+, exceptions can be made)? : in between all my accounts 5k-6k in total Any points of reference within the gang?: alex, KLW 😛 ---------- In Character Information ---------- Full Name : Dominic Hanks Background information of your character: Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air In West Philadelphia born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys, who we're up to no good Started making trouble in my neighbourhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared And said, you're moving with your aunty and uncle in Bel-Air I begged and pleaded with her day after day But she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket I put my walkman on and said, I might as well kick it First class, yo this is bad Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass Is this what the people of Bel-Air are livin' like? Hmm, this might be alright I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said fresh, and had a dice in the mirror If anything I could say that this cab was rare But I thought, nah, forget it, yo holmes to Bel-Air I pulled up to a house about seven or eight And I yelled to the cabby yo, holmes smell you later Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel-Air Why do you want to join the Sofia Freedom Ghosts?: What will you bring to the SFG?: my awesome flying skills and my pvp skills and im loyal, want to join SFG as its got good RP and its got some friendly faces, seems very organised ---------- Additional Information ---------- Gang(s) you have recently belonged to: Reason for leaving these gang(s)? TBD (rep gone down hill and dislike some members) You will be expected to follow orders, are you capable of this (If you cannot comply to this you will be instantly removed from the gang)?: as long as it dont bankrupt me im down xD
  2. idk about this but im sure cops got lethals and im not saying get rid of tasers im saying get rid of the taser initiation rule as civs/rebels cant respond to it or do much about it, idk im seeing a lot of people struggling with this rule and its ruining the fun of the people playing and making them hella salty, i was a prime example, i very much dislike this rule as i have been fucked cause of it a few times now. yes i understand that you guys got a lot taken from you but runs to make money are hard enough to do when you guys rock up and just tase and we got no time to fight back, or having rebels rock up and rob all of us, we rather fight rebels as we can actually fight back instead of cops just comming and tasing us and then wip us a fat ticket or jail time, just cause you got 1 lucky bullet and we down for a long ass time, even worse when its just 2 of us and then you got 3-4 cops around us
  3. what do you mean? cops can taze people still ? even if we get rid of this rule, its so people can fight back and have an actual good time on the server, with the taser rule it makes hassle for no reason and people cant initiate that fast against cops and they will get tased before they can speak half the time lol, thats why i find this rule stupid as people cant fight back or talk fast enough to fight back
  4. yea i know what you mean its just we cant fight back in a good time period to be able to actually win, makes the cops pretty OP
  5. i was doing a run at the time and they pretty much shot me soon as i turned around and my friend got tased pretty quickly, it was a hard situation to fight back with out breaking rules lol also they give like 5 seconds for you to put your hands up but soon as we say "put your hands up or your dead" means we have to wait 5 seconds and at that point they can just tase me instantly but i cant shoot back, its a weird one honestly to follow this rule as it makes cops pretty much OP and broken
  6. personally i think taser initiation is a bad rule how do we meant to fight back when they will just tase you soon as you pull a wepon out or even say "hands up or you are dead" by time you said that you will be tased and as a rebel or some one with a bounty you will face jail time, i have attempted to stay away from the cops most i can while playing because of tasers being so strong, but this rule just makes it impossible to fight back when its a 2 v 3, idk about any one else but i dislike this rule very much as well it makes me just not deal with cops at all and it kinda feels like we just gotta stay intiated with the cops constantly to fight back as if they say "hands up or be tased" you cant shoot back and if you say "hands up or you will die" they will just tase and thats it, i recently got reported for breaking this rule, i didnt understand the rule and well i killed 3 cops cause they threatened to tase me, yes my mistake but if i didnt shoot back i would of got tased and i had a 600K bounty at the time so im pretty sure thats jail time, it was done while i was doing a run, idk i feel like its hard enough to make money going against cops and other rebels as it is but this rule just makes it so much more harder, to the point where i rather stay at havocs side as you can shoot back if they initiate on you
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