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  1. just a kill tunnel tbh
  2. @tyson You good bro?

    1. SlMON


      I think all the duped money changed him! :(

  3. Don’t do it man 

    1. Niko


      ill have to

    2. Niko


      im forced to do it, im sorry man

  4. Work on getting your database sql down alongside sqf.
  5. But would people rather sleep in deer stands because no one is turning up to cartel or have people coming back for more combat which people like
  6. Time Submitted: 12:36:46 PM | 08/07/20 Submitted By: TJ Splifta Forum ID: 7295 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: No NLR in Redzones What Is Your Suggestion: Bring back no NLR in red-zones. When it was a thing the server was popping, just makes fights way quicker and increases the pace of combat, atm due to server pop fights are kinda boring at times. Allowing the people to come back who died would benefit redzone combat severely.
  7. The aircraft carrier is not that buggy, the only parts that are buggy are the sides and ATC tower top.
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