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  1. You tell me whats the difference between them and us except they provide more freedoms for civilians like self defence n shit...
  2. what about when you attack there armoury and take there CP?
  3. They rarely commit acts or terror though they maintain a checkpoint and laws in there lands
  4. but I see no issue HAVOC getting part of altis and having it defined as a seperate country but it would be nice to see HAVOC have some sort of Governor who can also be elected from the civilian populace
  5. Would like to see HAVOC defined as a militia or a militant state
  6. It means you play the RP server like it's a CQC server
  7. No it shows i think its excessive but of course you are gonna say that you're ex TFU...
  8. I got seagull 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 all out my fucking window
  9. Hunters aren't needed that much whats the point?
  10. Ill message you on teamspeak tomorrow about a price and yes It was in mines
  11. Make an offer I just need money ngl
  12. You asked someone yesterday I thought?
  13. No I can wear it and drop it and its fine also connor told alex he stopped it from being deleted as they were handed out
  14. It was gifted to me and Alexander is aware and fine with me having it. Im not nor was i ever admin
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