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  1. Mystic

    Stepping away

    By far the best person within this community, so down to earth, and has done a lot during his time here. Would say I will miss you, but you'll never be leaving me ever! For as long as Leif is alive 😉 xxxx ❤️ obviously in response to zaka's comment
  2. @Louis Vuitton You'll be compensated 17.5mil for the SPMG Compensation request Accepted
  3. Mystic

    MBS playlist

    Seems to be a common occurrence within the Arma 3 community, smh
  4. Mystic

    MBS playlist

    I think it was rather entertaining 😡 @Mason Munchii Nice rule break at the start of the second video!!!!
  5. @TCB If you're not willing to compensate, and continue with a childish attitude, then you will be punished accordingly. Therefore you will be issued with your 4th ban (1 week) for the VDM, and because of your unpleasant attitude to resolve the situation.
  6. I'll be dealing with this @TCB Why did you not attend the support case and attempt to resolve it there? I think you should both organise a time and go back to support to talk about it, and hopefully resolve it with compensation. If not, then I'll continue this report. @Louis Vuitton
  7. You will receive compensation of £1,950,000 at the next restart (4PM) for the hunter. Compensation request Accepted.
  8. @tylub Unless you've got evidence of receiving the hunter in your garage, the most I can do is compensate the money you'd get from chopping said vehicle. Do you not have any videos to show the completion of chop?
  9. Any price you want, he's quite cheap, but a hefty move..
  10. @tylub All the vehicles that were missing due to the vehicle database should be returned. If you are still missing vehicles, then someone might have scrapped/chopped them. If you have evidence to prove otherwise, then feel free to make another compensation request.
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