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  1. Declined, As far as im concerned the rules are not determined by a staff lead
  2. Fulton

    Altis Life Suggestions - House wipe

    Thats true, i only read part of it lol but still with the amount of weapons, gold, items ect in houses. Wouldnt be a bad idea really 🤷‍♂️ @Stefan♦
  3. Fulton

    Altis Life Suggestions - House wipe

    If there was a house wipe then i think the best thing to do is do a full eco wipe. Emptying houses would be nothing more than a minor inconvenience to people. People have enough money to fill houses several times over.
  4. Hi there @MAISTRO_TR @JAMES! As i said in the support case there are some circumstances where this would be considered exploiting or even powergaming. Non of which i saw in the video which was provided to me. The circumstances are as follows: The vehicle gets launched The vehicle blows up Someone is killed due to the misuse of the spike strips. I hope this has clarified any variation to what either of you think i said.
  5. Fulton

    Rebel life dead ?

    At what point did i say that i dont want them to use what the have access to? The point i made was both factions need to have a reduced amount of high calibre weapons available. Im not going to tell them to stop using them if they're going up against Zafirs, Navids, Cyrus' and ASPs.
  6. Fulton

    Rebel life dead ?

    My personal opinion is that all long range scopes and 7.62 suppressors upwards should be removed completely. I also think both factions should not have access to anything above 7.62 so that civs actually have a chance of winning a gunfight. I also think the only way to fully fix the massive amount of cash being thrown about is to do a partial or full economy wipe to give new players and smaller gangs a chance. I understand this would upset a lot of the richer players on the server. However, it is this richer portion of the server that is complaining of not having enough to do or there not being enough people.
  7. Fulton

    You are bad

    1. Mystic


      nice elbows

  8. Fulton

    New APC Recruitment System

    Hi there folks, We have devised a new recruitment system in the APC to make the recruitment process a lot easier and more enjoyable. We urge to consider joining the APC as there is now far more to do due to the uprising of the new militia faction CSAT. It is now easier than ever before to get through the process. You can apply here: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/2-apc-police-application/ The application NO LONGER HAS A WORD REQUIREMENT For any further information please contact a member of gold command.
  9. No, stop trying to ban evade.
  10. Fulton

    CSAT First Official Statement

  11. So as you can see in the second video of the report, you can see DYLAN disconnects lobby out of the humming bird. DYLAN returns later in a quilin and destroys his own hurron to prevent it being chopped. This violates rule 2.3 Powergaming This also violates rule 1.7 for soft logging You also violate rule 2.7 as while you were repairing you were initiated on so you were disadvantaged whilst doing so. Furthermore you also violated rule 2.2 by using knowledge from a supposedly dead and executed player to know where your hurron was. As during this time you were disconnected also whilst AIDEN. was executed. Due to the amount of rule breaks i have found in the evidence provided, i will be issuing the accused a level 5 ban. ACCEPTED
  12. Do you have anything further to add because i can get this done now @Dylann
  13. Hi there, i will be taking this case. Allow 24hrs for me to review all evidence and any further comments that need to be made can be made.
  14. Fulton

    Boost Week Events Thread

    The APC Gold Crisis Event Completed! The Winners: 1 truck filled with gold bars - CSAT 1 truck filled with exotic weapons - APE gang 1 truck filled with rooks - N/A
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