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  1. hmmmm sure lol Dan not me lol
  2. your a freak already posed that 2x lmao
  3. dan picked the song
  4. yap yap yap , na not really
  5. lmao is it normal to be yapin on like this ? so people can chat but cant have it back yawnnn, your the ones continuing to chat shit on here like fuck off already
  6. i cba to reply to you freaks so please stop commenting lmao
  7. tf are you saying you freak , you the one being that pathetic you chat shit on a post 2 weeks after somethin happens like got nothin better to do lmaoo
  8. tf you sill talking for ? sure lmao says common sense for a reason
  9. keepin someone hostage sayin give me money from your bank and wheres your house lmao , rp standard when i went to ts cause they were just takin the piss cause i cba and wanted to get off yap yap you hobo , all your gang does is kill the server even more by robbin everythin they see move near airport cause they cant do more than that , like shut up n stop replying n yapin
  10. your a bunch of freaks i swear , na shouldt be pissed about a bunch of sad tools keepin me hostage for 1hr + lol dont stop yapin
  11. Jensonn

    =E= | EvolvE | Open

    Come to ts , yh we have discord but we mainly use ts to speak.
  12. Probably last PHX Montage | Not Bad ? | Beep Boop |
  13. Jensonn

    Bye bye

    Lol yes me askin why he has something to say to everything means I have a ego 🤣👍🏼
  14. Jensonn

    Bye bye

    Lmao ego ? I ent got an ego just find it crease how you have something to say to everyone when you ent even involved your like an annoyin fly that you can’t get rid of. You comment on everything like you want some attention or sommin ?
  15. Jensonn

    Bye bye

    Lmao this guy , why do you think your like the most know guy goin and have something to say to everyone , out side of this community no one knows who tf you are. And Na not sayin I am but I just find you crease
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