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  1. Nizwald

    Stepping away

    A huge loss, thank you so much for all you have done for us my boy ❤️
  2. Nizwald

    thank u for the follow @MAISTRO_TR, i follow back :))

  3. Scarso

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    Why does he need to go to support to resolve this when the evidence is clear as day? He says he'll even ddos Kevin if he gets banned as well!

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    2. Scarso


      @M a J a Z u R i Wasn't refering to Kevin, I was refering to the shit you said to maistro you pleb.

      @Mike Sano I've seen your attitude in police. You don't have enough brain cells to understand why he should be banned.



      mike sano lol


    4. Jay Harvey

      Jay Harvey

      @Scarso You have left the community for some time now why do you just stalk the forums.

  4. have you been to support to resolve it yet?
  5. Nizwald

    Ban Appeal - Yalon - 10/19/20 - Altis Life

    Are you sure you're banned on the account you put in the appeal? There is no ban on record there.
  6. Jungle Life - Progress Report #2 Hello! This is the second progress report for Jungle Life, following on from last weeks fairly extensive post. We have made solid progress with Jungle Life this week, implementing a whole host of features and continuing to design unique map environments for players. Currently, the map designers are working on ensuring there are enough transportation options for players - placing boat shops in convenient locations and ensuring there are plenty of car and truck shops in the towns and cities. They are also working on creating unique major server events for players to engage in. A new Financial Reserve, where the government's cash is stored, and a French Naval Base, where weapons for the Gendarmerie are brought in by the French Navy. These will provide unique roleplay and combat experiences for players, taking advantage of the interesting designs to ensure success for their side. The Naval base builds upon the experience that players had when fighting for the HAVOC destroyer on Altis Life, drawing upon the best parts of that design, and changing others to create a balanced battlefield or realistic roleplay scenario - depending on your approach. As I mentioned last week, we are working on unique, custom-built cartel locations for the map. This is different to Altis Life in the sense that the cartel locations on most Altis maps take advantage of pre-existing compounds and landmarks (Northern Cartel, OG Arms etc.), whereas here, we are building the locations from scratch, which we hope you will find interesting, and will provide a good combat experience. In the above picture you can see a section of one of our custom built cartels, called "Mutare Point". The design draws inspiration from old abandoned coastal defence systems. If you've ever played Far Cry 3, you might recognise the general design from the abandoned Japanese fortresses. Now, away from the map and onto the core aspects of the game. I talked last week about a newly designed economy balance for Jungle Life, and we have been working on that throughout the week. Hopefully this will be more realistic for the setting of the server and ensure that the Jungle Life team can analyse the economy and make balancing changes much easier. A new setting requires new uniforms, vehicle skins, banners, etc. Our graphics design members have been working on some great new vehicle skins for vehicles, and good looking uniforms for the factions. Those of you that play the beta will have a chance to use these skins in game next week. We understand that for some, using Task Force Radio can be a bit off-putting. We are tweaking that mod and balancing it specifically for this server to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. In fact, setting it up will be even easier than usual due to the modpack handling most of the work for you. Finally, one of the bigger things @Jay Harvey has been working on is a saveable loadout system for Civilians, Blufor and Opfor. This system will allow everyone to save a loadout for easy access at either their faction equipment store, or advanced rebel outpost. The system will also be integrated into the donator perks system, where our supporters will be able to save multiple loadouts. P.S. We are aiming for the beta test to begin on Friday the 23rd. Testers - you will be given all the information you need closer to the time. Cheers! - Nizwald
  7. Alexander

    Hey Nizwald, congrats for coming out today on coming out day. The community supports you.



    1. Nizwald


      thank you i hope you can support my decision 



      blue sus

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    Hi there, nice post you made, hi.

    1. Nizwald


      hello thanks 

  9. Nizwald

    Jungle Life Progress Report

    Jungle Life - Progress Report As we explained on the Q&A stream the other week, we are sticking with a three-faction structure for Jungle Life, to give variety in roleplay and combat experiences to the players. Our BLUFOR faction, the Gendarmerie, act as a militarised police force for the state of N'ziwasogo. The faction will attempt to control as much of the state as they can, looking for ways to benefit themselves, and crush their direct opposition: the Bakaho Liberation Front. The OPFOR faction, the BLF, want to disrupt as much of the government's control as they can. They will act in direct and violent opposition to the Gendarmerie and government of N'ziwasogo. Their Marshall will plan devastating attacks on government infrastructure and personnel, sending radicalised and ruthless soldiers to disrupt and destroy anything they can. This cold civil war will cause a lot of deaths across the state. Foreign aid has funded the N'ziwasogo Red Cross, our Independent faction, who act independently of either faction or rebel group with the sole aim of saving lives. Given the dangerous nature of operating in the state, these paramedics demand high salaries to compensate them for risking their lives to save the citizens of the war-torn nation. We want to create an environment where rebel groups and regular civilians - who make up the bulk of any Life player base - are able to make decisions that directly benefit them and their groups. The BLF, a small force, will be actively looking to ally with rebel groups and try to sway the civilians of N'ziwasogo to side with them on their mission to crush the government. Rebel groups might find that siding with the BLF helps them exploit the state for its natural resources - earning them thousands of dollars. Similarly, certain organisations might try to help the Gendarmerie tackle the larger problem of the BLF in return for turning a blind eye to their own criminal activities. On the development side of things, we have managed to build upon an already stunning map, full of detail and authentic locations, and create a map that encourages interactions between people. We have moved away from having set redzone locations that span entire peninsulas like on Altis, and have instead opted for more cartel locations. These are spread across the map, and are located in a way that will let you take advantage of the benefits that capturing these cartels give you. The economy is something that we want to keep fairly dynamic, but also keep as balanced as possible. When you first play on the server, whether that be as a beta tester or when the server launches, you will notice that the numbers you are dealing with are a lot lower than Altis. Don't panic - your purchasing power will still be roughly the same. Over time, the Jungle Life Team will study the actions of groups on the server, monitoring what particular groups are doing to raise money. This data will be used to decrease or increase the rewards of their actions accordingly. Similarly, if a faction carries out a particular action on the server, their actions may lead to certain runs or events providing different amounts of money. This type of active economy balancing will ensure that metas for runs will last for a couple of weeks, rather than a couple of months. This will allow you to explore the map more actively, searching for the best sources of income to fund whatever your organisation does. As we discussed in the Q&A, the introduction of selected mods will allow for a more interesting and dynamic playstyle. We are taking this a step further and fine tuning each mod we add to ensure a balanced game. Weapons that are being added are balanced and have counterparts in the base game, and will have unique advantages and disadvantages that come with each individual weapon. One of my main gripes with playing Altis Life was that I found I was driving the same three cars all the time: the Sports Hatchback, the Qilin and the Ifrit. We have introduced modded vehicles that again, we have fine tuned, in order to create a more authentic atmosphere. Instead of futuristic HGV's like the HEMMT, think old Soviet haulers. Instead of an electric-hybrid SUV from 2035, think a Mitsubishi Pajero, or a Ford Raptor. I hope this gives you a bit more information on what we have been up to over the last couple of weeks. We will try and release more of these updates leading up until the release. This post was more of a background explanation to some of our ideas instead of details of particular things we've been working on. Hopefully we can bring you more detailed information soon. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for features you would like to see on Jungle Life, the section is open on the forums, so you can suggest things here. For those of you that have signed up for our beta test, we really appreciate your enthusiasm in the project, and we will be emailing you imminently. If you want to sign up for the beta test, click here. - Nizwald
  10. 10 mil for the Taru chop + 600 for meth. Accepted, archived.
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    that is accurate
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    moved to deparures
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