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  1. NATO Alpha to NATO Bravo, he is back.
  2. STeFFeX

    Altis Life Suggestions - Remove Sniper Scopes

    its time for you to uninstall, how is the appeal going btw?
  3. We thought we heard shots then these three arrived posing as threats considering they slammed in the uss. After that I got told that I could shoot.
  4. Do you know what the presumption of innocence is? It does not go by guilty until proven innocent.
  5. Because I was sat there outside the front entrance watching you, told my friends in the orca and they came back. Again as Wellsy mentioned, to assist me. That is why this could have been resolved with a support member but clearly we are here to waste everyones time.
  6. As clearly seen I am all up for resolving this
  7. You did not say a single word in the text channel
  8. We get it you have a life outside of playing games, you are not the only one that does. I do not control the response time of support members you can speak with management about that. ?
  9. I highly doubt you did as a support arrived after about 40 minutes as seen in the screenshot, if you could stop making up stuff that would be appreciated He never stayed You are trying to find any reason to get us banned and it is pretty obvious.
  10. Probably because you were busy dealing with your "leadership crisis"
  11. They did but since you all left there was no point for me to stay
  12. No one was toxic as clarified by the staff lead so you cannot keep going with that arguement, we waited in support channel meanwhile you guys decided to leave so you never attempted to genuinly resolve it. In the end you should have never logged off. The way you represent your faction is the reason behind all the big threads about it.
  13. Why are you straight up lying. First of all you were to scared to speak in support, secondly I sat outside the destroyer for 40 minutes since it wasnt done. We never finished drilling and you are basically mad because you lost and now want revenge. Not to mention that you all logged off so we couldnt continue with the destroyer which means you broke rules yourself.
  14. im not from this village but fighting havoc ai is fun
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