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  1. Kevin says you're already aware of this one, but posted incase it gets lost; 22:10:28 Error in expression <d_Ind_FuelStation_Feed_EP1"],5]select 0;_pump setFuelCargo 0;_pump addAction["Re> 22:10:28 Error position: <_pump setFuelCargo 0;_pump addAction["Re> 22:10:28 Error Undefined variable in expression: _pump 22:10:28 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.pja305\СЗСЫЮТ\\ ..., line 1
  2. Neo

    addon conflict in rpt

    Could be nothing, but an error is an error. 8:49 Conflicting addon TRYK_Uniform in 'zara\', previous definition in 'tryk_unit\'
  3. Neo

    script error.

    22:08:48 File custom_uniform\config.cpp, line 10: Config: ';' used as a separator in the array Dev should know what this is.
  4. Neo

    Selling Nizwald

    he's not worth the risk....
  5. Ted

    • Ted
    • Neo

    Congrats on 1 year!

    1. Neo


      lol, thanks, i guess XD

    2. SimmoInit
    3. Neo



  6. Why is it I'm always dead on your server.... ?

    1. Ben.


      because you smell neo

    2. Kevin


      because you don't have infistar here 

    3. -Pingu-


      ur bad lol

  7. ma1ko

    hello old friend

  8. Hi Welcome to the server please ensure you read the rules and follow them correctly..

    1. Tom Pea

      Tom Pea

      If you are new to Altis Life feel free to ask a support member or admin for help ?

  9. Neo

    Gang base wars

    well, you see it works for us... although our events were player created events. I'd suggest weekly.
  10. Neo

    Gang base wars

    (Not here to create drama....)... But this looks very familiar ?
  11. Neo

    Hey, I found the issue with your server yesterday....



    took us a while to figure out what was wrong with it....in fact, deep inside, I still don't know....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Neo


      more soot than dust now...

    3. Kevin


      no, definitely dust

    4. Founder Number 2.5

      Founder Number 2.5

      ive ordered the can of air, get the straw ready

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