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  1. Lolyhase

    Stepping away

    Best of luck for the futur @Paddy McCarthyI will miss our times much love and thanks for all your effort ❤️
  2. Thanks for your response @Gill you have mentioned quite some important details which probably are going to be interesting for @Nizwald I really hope it turns out to be different and better then Altis life, the running arround and killing everyone and everything has just nothing to do with RP and that's sadly what's been going on in phx for a while now. I can guarantee you there is a big and competent team working on jungle life currently. The amount of effort that's beeing put into the smallest things is just insane. So you can really look forward to that.
  3. After scaring off the last few "normal" civilian players by turning the Altis server into an events server and then changing it into a 8 o clock Koth server there is nothing left to save or revive For a very long time I ve been trying to help and do stuff, keep phx alive as an admin and faction command/lead hower there is only that much one can do and now it's genuinely too late. So if at some point CB gets active again they can count on me. But until then it makes no sense to try and keep things alive and active. Took me a few weeks to realise this.
  4. all invis backpacks arent wokring since the new arma update when fixing this keep in mind that Viper Harness backpack is meant to be vivible!!!
  5. Why do you log in to your forums account?
  6. Why you beefing on forums? Not something I would expect Form an admin 🤭
  7. Hello @Dennis if you have an issue with Phoenix Community rules beeing enforced or you think there was any wrong doings by a staff member please feel free to contact a staff lead or fill in a staff feedback. If you have any other questions you can contact me on discord. Please keep this post clear for what it is meant for, thanks!
  8. Operation Asmodeus

    CSAT will be performing multiple operations during Saturday evening after 8 o clock restart.

    Announcments about what exactly is going on and where the operations are taking place will be announced ingame.

    During this event all server rules are applying, exceptions are going to be announced ingame by staff.


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    2. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      @R Finch conditions include suicide crashing helis, combat spawning and tasering without initiation :) 

    3. Lolyhase


      Wasn't scripted and

      You literally don't play the server so why are you crying? @Mason Munchii


    4. Mason Munchii
  9. Fix the server lag before doing anything else please.

    No point in putting effort for a Jungle life when the server cannot handle more then 20 players.

    1. F L E M I N G O
    2. ma1ko



  10. Oi mate this offer still up? @Dukeston_J
  11. Make a rp analysis why the population of Altis has shrunk If you want we can arrange some things with csat and maybe cops will log on aswell 😉😏
  12. I think the airdrops are now based on csat numbers, I could be wrong here not sure but if that's the case obviously airdrops won't spawn unless csat is on
  13. Some skins not working properly (e.g. Orca skin isn’t always applied when pulling it out). Orca skin needs to be added/fixed Hellcat (unarmed) needs the CSAT skin applied on it Armed one already has it Taru (Bench, Transport and Normal) needs the CSAT skin applied on it XIAN Vehicle and Infantry needs the pacific skin applied (the pacific skin is arma 3 vanila) Quilin (unarmed) needs pacfic skin on it Tempest transport needs the pacific skin on Ifrit needs the pacific skin on it Offroad armed needs the CSAT skin (the one made by viktor) on it
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