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  1. Oi mate this offer still up? @Dukeston_J
  2. Make a rp analysis why the population of Altis has shrunk If you want we can arrange some things with csat and maybe cops will log on aswell 😉😏
  3. I think the airdrops are now based on csat numbers, I could be wrong here not sure but if that's the case obviously airdrops won't spawn unless csat is on
  4. Some skins not working properly (e.g. Orca skin isn’t always applied when pulling it out). Orca skin needs to be added/fixed Hellcat (unarmed) needs the CSAT skin applied on it Armed one already has it Taru (Bench, Transport and Normal) needs the CSAT skin applied on it XIAN Vehicle and Infantry needs the pacific skin applied (the pacific skin is arma 3 vanila) Quilin (unarmed) needs pacfic skin on it Tempest transport needs the pacific skin on Ifrit needs the pacific skin on it Offroad armed needs the CSAT skin (the one made by viktor) on it
  5. I will see what I can do @Gill
  6. WhY cAn CsAt BuY mK1 aT rEcRuIt WtF
  7. hey lets make a group effort and all log on the server POG

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Labrador


      Some things are more fun than the server. 

    3. Ninj


      What is avg player count peak time?

    4. Bandit


      when you have to ask people to log on you know the server is fucked

  8. remove NLR for factions during events and all that yes 100% but i think apart from that its good to have NLR for factions to give rebels a bit more of an advantage at redzone and cartels
  9. Just turn PHX into a Koth, I mean you have the 3 factions already in beeing csat apc and 2.9 might aswell just officially turn it into Koth server 

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    2. Gill


      if you do that's fine but ill have to say my goodbyes and find another server, but i understand why.

    3. Mason Munchii

      Mason Munchii

      @Lolyhase Hence why i dipped, same shit different day

    4. Zaka


      true Loly man, have this heart reaction dude

  10. Every member of the community can give their input to this it's not only about you big man. @David B ☑️
  11. roaching is fine and you can keep doing that with a DMS if you want to
  12. I like your idea @Nielsken and would be down to test this however there would be a lot of medics online and active to be able to do such a thing which currently is not the case
  13. Probably the first and last time I agree with you 👍 Any suggestions to help this?
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