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  1. As per previous comments and comments to follow from others. RP doesn’t bring people to server. The RP era seems to be drawing to a close from a Arma perspective. Unfortunately so.
  2. I would say though if it isn’t more fun for others than just 2.9 it will be a even more quieter server where you can fight? Well nobody would be left..... I get you guys like it that way. But just saying if it’s rubbish for others they will stop playing. Meaning the great 2.9 will have no one to fight
  3. I wasn’t at the last bank I was flying about as civ and watched it from there. Multiple MRAPs and stands kinda makes sports hatch push a bit pointless. I am onboard with more fighting just suggesting a balance to make it fun for everyone rather than one sided.
  4. Decamp fights 90% of the time favour the chaps in the heavily armed vechiles. Bear in mind most police don’t get a gun that can pen. Also worth noting if cops become too demoralised by ifrit decamping constantly it kinda makes them not go on. So kinda defeats the object. Favour should be in rebels but not to the point of not making it fun for all.
  5. Time Submitted: 02:32:25 PM | 09/07/20 Submitted By: R Finch Forum ID: 5443 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Move HM anywhere else but What Is Your Suggestion: Move HM anywhere but domes. Too many ifrits go, makes it decamp snooze sesh
  6. Gill, Please come see me tomorrow. Would like to discuss this and opportunities for you.
  7. Quite alright, your out of a job now. We will reshape the island to be strong against opposition that want to give the island away like a script.
  8. A court system as systematically incapable of dealing with petty crime let alone a foreign invasion. I would call into question the ‘court’ on what they have achieved. Since it is my belief nothing, as elected official I have evoked emergency powers. Suspended the courts. Until the body can be purged of the enthrophy and proactive actions to counter Johnny Foreigner off my island.
  9. Best of luck your authority is dissolved. APC will be instructed to disregard any orders from you. Emergency Powers 1912. Due to a rather unruly bunch arriving on my island with aircraft carriers. We will be declaring said group to be terrorists to be captured. Tried and promptly dealt with. Have a nice day,
  10. Dear @Fulton I trust you will ensure that HM Treasury is protected. Try not to get captured this time...... Regards Governor
  11. Thank you for your note. Please note your position has been disbanded and you are not authorised to speak on behalf of HM Gov. Leave your pass as you leave the building.
  12. My fellow people, Under the current situation I have emboldened emergency powers act 1912. To that end, the High Court is dissolved of all power and standing. I would normally discuss this with APC but the commissioner got himself captured some how. I will also be providing the police with increased powers to combat CSAT terrorist insurgency. Broad sweeping powers will come forward to bring peace back to our island. Regards Dr R Finch Governor
  13. If possible could the RP centric players come on 21:30 to governors office? As I am governor for a bit want to try and Launch some new RP events.
  14. I like the idea. However when the pure fighters comment it will be shot down. Unfortunately the RP element is dying
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