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  1. Joe Fisher

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit #4

    Love the new look of the new arma
  2. So I did try give explanation to whats wrong with phoenix and got warning points but seems it was true and phoenix is gone, let me know when its back if it is

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    2. Ted


      @Kevin He doesn't know PepeLaugh

  3. What a birthday it was yesterday aha madddd

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    2. Joe Fisher

      Joe Fisher

      So caring for you remember I am here though, don't have a clue who you are though memes

    3. Niko
    4. Founder Number 2.5

      Founder Number 2.5

      what in the actual fuck have i just read

  4. Joe Fisher

    Bye bye

    Who is MBS again? LOL
  5. Sure Phoenix runs on a Physical Server, not a virtual you clown. You just explained yourself in one picture.
  6. Virtual server? So now you think phoenix is on a shared hosting and not dedi. Explains you have no clue about hardware or computers. Give this man lead dev, hes the fucking best.
  7. All you had to say, atleast I know the truth and the factual information. Do you even know how arma 3 works, oh sorry do you even know how a CPU works and calculates, do you even know how it does its job, do you even know why arma 3 servers desync. Think you need to learn that server is probs dead because other servers are better and have there better features, then you have the new games that are out for example Red Dead Redemption 2 has its own roleplay now (RedM Client) majority of people are done with arma 3 so get over it. Sick of coming to see what forums is going on about and next thing its all about how can we bring players back lol. Grow the fuck up its 2020, maybe think about a new game or a new game server.
  8. Sorry but does anybody here even know how much a arma 3 server takes to run, sorry but alone 130 players just for them 130 players to be logged on that, that is a easy 14gb of RAM there just for them to be logged on, then they have all the scripts etc to have loaded all at once. You sure that you don't think management are going to budget out on it lol, management only care about the dollar bud. Oh I forget you're still a minor who can't accept the truth lol. Can't face the truth that the only game you're probs only good at that is dying. Don't think phoenix budget out on there server performance, jesus half of time they broke EULA.
  9. Niko, what point are you proving? You have no clue on how a CPU works and calculates arma 3 Yes please can you. Il prove my point once he has. And that there is way better singled threaded CPU's out there that will out perform on arma. Think you're just a 15 year old who can't accept that Phoenix is dead, its gone. Done for.
  10. Lol so phoenix 130 players compared to reborn 130 players, 100% reborn will not crash and die, 100% reborn will have atleast 5-10 fps increase. Phoenix is literally the worse, have you not understand that probably half of the community left because of the laggy ass server specs, speaking to somebody here who actually fucking dedicates and works in that shit lol
  11. Understand that the CPU does alot of calculations, hence why phoenix can't cope with everybody online and popping. Constant dsyncing, constant server dropping etc. That is because of the crappy singled threaded performance that the server cpu has.
  12. In the first place? Lol sure that was 4 year ago. Plus I only came back to originally help Vanquish. Seems like you're all mad about a game/server that is a meme Are you mad, phoenix runs on of the shittest CPU's you can find even with one the of lowest single threaded performance you can find. I can get more fps on reborn with a full server then phoenix would with half You remember night club event, lol what a fuck fest just because the owners dont re put donations into the server. Lol
  13. Yes and thats my point, phoenix was just a method to just rake a bit of money in for the owner. He doesnt care about you or what the server does or can do. Lol get that into your heads. Now I am going to go back to actually working in life, looking after my family and not arguing over a dead meme of a game or server, if you just going to complain about phoenix, maybe just look at the other 3-4 communities there is that have players and the exact same features, there unique feature is the players. Hence why players get players.
  14. You see the arma 3 community is no different to the minecraft community surprisingly it is used for the same reasons (Money), some people don't care about players and some don;t care about where the positioning is for the server or what makes it unique, they just care about the current players and the current donations. End of story.
  15. I am sure @Tiger will agree with me a tiny bit here, you been here since release besides me, be 100% truthful but you explain to me what makes phoenix unique to any other community to this day, sorry even the 4 years that phoenix has been around, never once has a unique feature or something diff to another server, it always copied or had the same stuff. Did you ever see a framework get changed or worked on to the point it had its bugs and issues ironed out, phoenix has always been public shit and public scripts, The only benefit that comes with Phoenix is the crappy devs and management team ngl.
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