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  1. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/watch-dogs-2/home#editions
  2. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/darksiders/
  3. Jetan Holo

    Wong Out

    @Wellsy Sad to see you go, I never had a bad experience when involved in a situation with you and overall had a great time, especially the times we were both medic command at the same time.
  4. https://store.steampowered.com/sub/132479
  5. Aye the votes are already done, she's already Governor @F L E M I N G O
  6. Aye you beat me to it! @Nathan Fish
  7. Once again, you do not get to dictate to me how much was lost. As Kyle said, we have had a discussion regarding the compensation. You refused. A resolution was attempted and none was found. If you are not going to compensate me for what I lost and what we calculated it is worth, then there's nothing to discuss. I'd prefer to leave it to the administration team.
  8. Jetan Holo

    Gang House Package

    I'll do him one better, 21 million
  9. I refused the compensation as, due to the calculations made my myself and other members of my group, it was not comparable to what I lost. I explained my reasoning and offered viable evidence to support my statements. Ted has, since then, compensated (almost all) my physical items and returned everything lost to me. Nevertheless, they broke a rule and refused to compensate me the amount my group calculated. I am not going to have my loss dictated to me by those that the loss was caused by. Until this got to the forums, I was unable to get a straight story from any of them and, rather, received conflicting points. I am done with the run-around and have attempted to resolve this without the need for a player report.
  10. Time Submitted: 01:57:25 AM | 05/14/20 Submitted By: Jetan Holo (4018) Your In-Game Name: Berklem Mavros Who are you reporting?: Kyro, Loaf, Kazzerino, Joe Fisher, Chris, Chezz, Prince Time/Date of event: 05/09/2020 / 3:00 - 4:00 AM Rule's Broken: 6.1 Explain what happened: Just before the 4am restart on the 9th, Vanquish carried out a robbery of my house, stealing the items shown below. They have openly admitted to doing this and do not dispute the fact that they were wrong in doing so. Multiple members of their gang stated that they were unaware the house in question was in a green zone, however, another member said that they did, in fact, know it was in a green zone. The house location can be seen below and it is evidently inside the green zone. The house did not store anything that would be considered illegal, simply collectable items that you are unable to get any more; for example, tracksuits and an admin suit. Many of the items have been returned (Screenshot will be provided below), however, not all. The missing items have "gone missing" according to the members of Vanquish. There is no possible way of applying a monetary value to the items in question as it's solely based on demand and rarity. With that being said, the contents of the house (Based on past auction sales) would be worth a substantial amount I do appreciate members of Vanquished who realised their wrongdoing and attempted to resolve it with myself and other members of my group. Nevertheless, I have lost a lot of items I cannot hope to get back and it is simply due to their robbery. They are not new players to the server (At least not the majority) and it took a member of support within their gang to connect and inform them of their mistake. I did not realise that this would be an issue as I was promised full compensation of the items by the gang (They to be returned). Now, however, they are unable to provide me with the full complement of items stolen. A member of Vanquish also died while storing a VR suit (An item that simply cannot be acquired anymore). This alone is a massive inconvenience for me due to the amount of time dedicated to building such a collection. These sort of mistakes should not happen in a gang of experienced players and, although I may be wrong, I find it very difficult to believe not 1 out of the 8 online realised it was a green zone. Other members of my gang physically watched them transport goods from Kavala to other locations using HEMTT Boxes. I have already sent a player report in which had ended up being declined as I had originally not been to support first about the situation, after this I had gone to support and a discussion regarding my compensation with Kazz to which he had ended up offering me some compensation which I had ended up declining as I didn't feel the amount was a fair outcome for the situation. Apologies for the time gap between the support case and the player report. My computer is having issues and I was unable send the player report in till today. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Past report: (Has all the evidence on it) https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/33877-player-report-kyro-loaf-kazzerino-joe-fisher-chris-chezz-prince-051120-altis-life/ House location: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/707861401682837527/709236998379929670/20200511001707_1.jpg Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Dennis / Wellsy : Case number (22928)
  11. I'm looking to be given for the compensation I've stated, otherwise I'll be pushing for further punishment.
  12. I've already stated why they have been valued at this price which you've decided to ignore, If you and your group (7 members / £12,570,000 Per one) aren't willing to collectively compensate for the price that I've given you then I'd prefer for a member of staff to deal with the situation and all those involved.
  13. https://store.steampowered.com/app/438740/Friday_the_13th_The_Game/
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