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  1. https://gyazo.com/17b73ce5813875f2fe479b483b844451
  2. just because you have good ping in your country doesn't mean you have good connection to a UK server
  3. i think the event should only be at 8 to make more hype for the event if you get what i eamn, if you open it up to other times i feel like less people would come to each one sice they know they can go any restart or whatever, i could be wrong but yeah.
  4. Time Submitted: 04:13:22 PM | 09/22/20 Submitted By: Inka☑️ Forum ID: 3985 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Supercap improvements What Is Your Suggestion: atm this occasion hasn't occurred and this could be difficult for the dev team atm not sure though as i don't dev but id like to see this feature implemented. 1. so instead of just capping the point and everyone getting 5 mil each instead make it so there is a point system, every 30 seconds you get a point and the cap lasts for 30 minutes. each point is worth 350k, i get that is sound like alot but in 30 minutes roughly you should get 5mil if you stayed in the zone every minutes so most likey you would get less but at the same time it would make it fair because you cant get the point to 95% then die and them finish it off when they have barley done the work if you understand what i mean, also i believe you should get more money when you kill people on the zones, instead of 50k you shoud get 100k due to the prices of loadouts on the server. correct any calculations if i am wrong, im shit at maths. 2. im not sure how many caps there are for super caps but am wondering if the amount could be reduced to 8 points around, the locations should be good areas obviously on the map and something also new and interesting, a way of doing this is making the cap a place that hasn't really been visited much but is also a fair distance for cops, csat and rebels. to make it interesting and a breath of fresh air on this server it would be nice implement livonia and tanoa building to spice up the fights by giving us a whole new thing to fight which isn't fought much
  5. garages need to be fixed again, car and helis missing

  6. either this server is becoming modded or this is some next level bait. also discord login needs to be fixed @Kevin 🙂

    1. Founder Number 2.5

      Founder Number 2.5

      which of the 2 would you prefer

    2. Inka☑️


      well atleast modded gives the server another chance

    3. Kevin


      Discord login should be fixed now :)

  7. id say there needs to be more rebels to prevent or make it harder to camp rebels, i plus 1 this but dont like the location you have chose, i think there should be more advanced rebel outposts
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