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  1. ~Luke~

    GTA V

    Picture says it all.
  2. ~Luke~

    Server Pop

    I hope you're joking
  3. HoW CaN YoU NoT LiKe FFDP
  4. Any fans of FFDP here? Favourite songs? Mine would be;
  5. What should we have done without Maistro
  6. -Your Friend Ugarh. o7
  7. This is gold well done @Hook12aaa
  8. @MAISTRO_TR the hero +1
  9. Time Submitted: 09:47:03 PM | 03/30/20 Submitted By: Friske (374) In-Game Name: Chris Pierce Steam ID: 76561198254084097 Age / DoB: 18 / 03/03/02 Timezone: GMT +01.00 Character RP Story: I came down from the army of Norway. Reassigned and moved with my wife and kids cause I had a accident in Irak. My legs took a beating from a IMS when we were walking on patrol. We moved down to altis to get a life with less action and for a place for me to recover and it ended up going good, I was a truck driver for the iron exports where I was mostly just driving the content and I’m also a medic. I love helping people in need of it and cause of that I think that being a APC would be a great addition to my list of works that I do. I’ve temporarily stopped working as a truck driver for the iron exports cause of the medic career and I’m ready for a new adventure. Why do you want to join APC?: I want to join the APC cause I think that it was an amazing time the small amount I was APC for the last time I was. I was only a pcso or a pc at the time. I want to get back into the APC to make a difference on altis. I got the dedication to be a APC and the activity to be a good one. I can be a fun and social person to be around and I hope that I can be of interest for others to talk to and be having a fun time around.I really enjoy working with others and think that I could be a great asset to the team, of course that would be up to you to consider but personally I have experience with people liking being around me. And my english is pretty great to communicate well with others. Time Played on PhoenixRP: I've been a member of the phoenixRP server for about 3 years now. Define 'roleplay' in your own words: In my words roleplay is having a second life, play a character like you would be if it was real life. Do you speak fluent English?: Yes Acceptance to uphold rights/laws etc: Yes
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