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  1. Jay Harvey


    @Mike Sano BALD @Fulton worst commissioner the server has ever had. @Nizwald Good crack , worst management , jungle life was a joke. PEDO @Cat the true CTU deputy and also where has your rib gone by any chance lost it up your girlfriends flaps? @M a J a Z u R i invictia on top @Adam Braz your sanos dog go bark some more for him on the ts whilst you still can. @Paddy McCarthy your going to what my little sister? / Good lad pleasure to meet you @I No-Scoped JFK i would suggest in the absence of phoenix you invest in a gym membership. @Mystic SNAKE. @Ted was fully gassed for the next community meeting, shame really. @Sharkbait you best stay around i need that one stop discount pal. @luker muffins dead @Will Wicks never understood why you where in to trannys but its all good your a sound lad @Cryant Best management , active , serious and all round good lad hope the future business dont land you in jail @R Finch Best governor to have ever set foot in this community @Sanjib Punjabi worst governor. @Chang dont eat your dog and remember in bed by 9. @AIDEN ✅ Shout out TST @Blitz keep drinking those 4 pints of milk to make you big and strong @- Scottish stop @'ing me with your shit montages @Tom Pea Donkey. @Michael Best CTU pilot rat of a dog @MAISTRO_TR go work some overtime in your uncles kebab shop now your not spending all day reporting people on here. @Kevin 📞 Call centre worker @Certified NATO Member hows the wheel chair @John O'Connor Shout out for paying for all ares skins even though you didn't play @Helmut much love wonky!!!. @Ted sorry i could not follow in your footsteps and revive the server @Conner Merlin sympathy @ All the OG's : @Jakob Boyden is this enough ifrits for you If i missed your name you probably not worth mentioning and was intentional in a bit lads P.S @Nizwald
  2. Jay Harvey

    Jesus Christ

    hi @Curly how you been man
  3. Jay Harvey

    Stepping away

    o7 paddy o7 Altis Life
  4. Jay Harvey

    Give Jakob A Shot

    I just dont get it you get removed by management and think they will just put you back at the number 1 spot your making all these statements but wont even tell anyone what you plan to do. From my personal experience you where one of the least impactful commissioners and a lot of people did not enjoy how the APC ran under your command. Buy the community for 10k
  5. Jay Harvey

    Jay Harvey

    Phoenix forums are no fun anymore man nothing wrong with a bit of banter.

    1. M a J a Z u R i

      M a J a Z u R i

      yeah man people need to grow up n stuff ygm

    2. Nick


      Aye, I feel like that's why I stopped playing a long time ago and why Phoenix ultimately died. 

      People took the server stupidly seriously. I get that's good for an RP server... But I literally remember people just being fucking power-hungry cunts constantly... taking any form of banter to the furthest complaint just out of pettiness or in retaliation. 

      I myself definitely got way too into it as well, it affected my real world social life and everything lmao... games should just remain fun imo 

    3. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      Even though, i havent been here for a few months now.. i can say this from own experience.. Arma3 RP has for a long time, become all about pvp and robbing others rather than getting into Roleplay. Ones players are suggesting ideas for RP, they are turned down and ones it comes ideas for more pvp, it got accepted. Now that in my view you in staff did the mistake and what happend to that now, the last 2-3 months.. players were here for roleplay not having pvp. I do think all of this started with the havock arguements, leading the community too freeze out members that really tried their best too be in rp but got thrown over and out of the community and leading too players too leave this community. So i do feel the community needs too take their own choices of what road they really wish to become further in time. Are you more into RP or into pvp ?

  6. Jay Harvey

    Jay Harvey

    @Nizwald i sent you the 50 pound your asked for but i still dont have my infi access ingame

    1. Nizwald


      you sent it business i only got £45

    2. Mystic
  7. Jay Harvey


    Hi and welcome to b and q how can we help you today my brother!
  8. Curly

    Hi Jay curls here!

    1. Jay Harvey

      Jay Harvey

      Hi curls man!

    2. Curly


      I hope the dev work is going well!!!

  9. Jay Harvey

    Jay Harvey

    @F L E M I N G O Would you prefer Rhodesia RP to jungle life???

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Brandon_


      @F L E M I N G O We all know Rhodesian camo and FAL's are hot

    3. Nizwald


      Someone say FAL's???


    4. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      Such a beautiful gun 

  10. Jay Harvey

    Jay Harvey

    @Nizwald management when?

    1. Nizwald


      Meet the Blue Van Man! – DGSChapter

      I know the Blue van man and you dont 

    2. Jay Harvey

      Jay Harvey


    3. Nizwald


      Naan's dead

  11. Jay Harvey

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 4

  12. but niko you have sticks for legs
  13. Jay Harvey

    Rebel life dead ?

    @Paddy McCarthy has it dont worry man
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