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  1. Alibaba

    Taking a break

    Feel you bro ❤️
  2. god like edits right there.
  3. better than jamie at least
  4. The fist frag video is not always the best, but still fun to make. Nice one man!
  5. Alibaba

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit #2

    sjukeste jeg har sett bror!
  6. Alibaba

    Clark #1

    @Clark sit bot 😉
  7. bro, the shotgun tho! Nice frags bro
  8. Alibaba

    Dennis NHS

    Nice one Dennis ❤️
  9. Alibaba

    Sit bot

    Adam, sit bot.
  10. Alibaba

    Sit bot

    nice one man
  11. Here we go, my first frag montage ..
  12. Time Submitted: 09:10:58 PM | 02/17/20 Submitted By: Alibaba (3631) Your In-Game Name: alibaba Who are you reporting?: Zarnix Time/Date of event: 17.02.2020, 20:30 Rule's Broken: 4.6 Hostility Towards Medics Explain what happened: He killed me while I was a medic, or he initiated on me and made me crash. Later he executed me. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): CaseID: 20478 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Mr. Sam Fieldapple
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