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  1. Don't forget what day it is today 😎


    1. Lolyhase


      Thanks @Viktor ReznovI almost forgot! 

    2. Viktor Reznov

      Viktor Reznov


  2. Viktor Reznov

    Stepping away

    Hi Paddy, you are my favorite lefty-moron and I will keep harassing you on discord Wont forget all the good times we had in Havoc, cops and just playing together 😥 One last time, have a good one Paddy! YEEEEEEEEEE //Vicky 🐵😳❤️ (your fav person)
  3. Your iq is beyond low
  4. Viktor Reznov

    whats up

    I always knew you were a tree swinger zaka
  5. Bleeding hell, bad red dead player

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      Strafola sucks wdym 

    3. Ximmy


      why is this the most alive post on the forums???

    4. Strafola


      Cause I made it

  6. Truedat, if you want one pm me on discord. N1 moon xo
  7. Noice famalam, still waiting to take off in my Orca without blowing up
  8. Viktor Reznov

    Zaka Frag Montage #3

    I admire your cringe
  9. Viktor Reznov

    Zaka Frag Montage #3

    Noice Bigup swedish internet, we are laggy even tho our speed is 2x better 😬 Vicke viking approves
  10. The dev ability is unfortunately only thing stopping this I think 😕
  11. My guy rakesh nailing the outro, nice
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