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  1. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Bottom gang base

    Removed the current bottom gangbase and replaced it with a smaller one further up to allow smaller gangs to fight over. Lock and moved.
  2. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Key for blindfolds

    Denied Reason: ? Locked and moved
  3. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Ekali Drug/Arms Cartel

    Denied Reason: Currently not looking to add new cartels however if we decide to change the current ones in the future this will be revisited Locked and moved
  4. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Make the Spar16 80k

    Accepted 5.56 weapons have been reduced Locked and moved
  5. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Facture

    Denied Reason: You can wire transfer money at any ATM Locked and moved
  6. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - SOS Button

    Denied Reason: APC already has this and rebels can just use their mouth to tell others they are in trouble Locked and moved
  7. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Taser

    Denied Reason: Just no Locked and moved
  8. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Clothes For Civilians Job

    Denied Reason: Lawyer shop already has a suit and the safety vest looks better for the role Locked and moved
  9. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Services Car

    Denied Reason: Van and Offroad have apporproate components to look like service vehicles Locked and moved
  10. SKY

    Altis Life Suggestions - Services delay

    Denied Reason: Stops people exploiting Locked and moved
  11. SKY


    Selling black market location to the highest bidder

    1. Zaka


      There is this tree I keep crashing into when I drive towards the airport. Can you sort me out with it and ill paypal?

    2. SKY


      No, its a feature.

  12. SKY

    No rebel at Gang Base

    Fixed for next update. Locked and moved.
  13. SKY


    Competition Winners! Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who submitted a gangbase design, although this competition was clearly less popular the gangbase designs will still be implmented just some may being merged with others. If you would like any feedback on your design then feel free to message me on discord, teamspeak or the forums. After going through each design the dev team and myself have decided upon the top 3. So congratulations to the winners! 1st 10 million @I No-Scoped JFK 2nd 5 million @ᵉᵐᵇᵉʳˢ 3rd 2.5 million @Just Ben (2nd and 3rd place designs will be combined with something I have made to form a southern gangbase for smaller gangs to fight over)
  14. SKY


    Winner will be announced later today (18/05/20)
  15. SKY


    ends tomorrow
  16. SKY

    Server Pop

    thats the tldr
  17. SKY

    Server Pop

    While it was a unique point of the server, the poor decisions from high command and failure to adapt to new potentials ultimately lead to the factions downfall and left with manamgemnt in the decision they had to take after all other attempts to salvage the faction had been unsuccessful.
  18. SKY

    Server Pop

    Dont think there is a single reason why the activiity has gone down. As stated before many EU countries are easing restrictions meaning people are returning to work and school, as well as this the effects of removing HAVOC are beginning to show which is understandable as many people dedicated to playing their time solely as HAVOC and dont play on the server anymore. But of course there is more reasons then just these two.
  19. SKY


    Steps on how to get a reponse when no one likes you:
    Step 1: Post an easy targeted comment that you know will get a reaction
    Step 2: Get a reaction and response for 30 seconds before no one cares about you again
    Step 3: Profit????

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aron


      Step 4: Thread gets locked after 50+ replies within 2 hours.

    3. Greasy


      @Labrador isn't one to talk about snide. For 10 days on the trot you were non stop slating us in the police discord, almost brought to tears by us being PC's in the police haha what a sniff.

    4. Tom Pea

      Tom Pea

      you're both acting like an upset 5 year old. Grow the fuck up and stop having whinge fests at each other

  20. SKY


    Current gangbases are coming up to be 6 months old, while yes they have been changed slighty; the majority of these changes have been bug fixes and lighting issues. The winners design will be implemented into the server or may be modifed and merged with a current gangbase if suitable. They are already close enough, if they where moved any closer it would be too many people/objects in one area and one clusterfuck fight. This is a good suggestion, however, alternatively one could be moved and a new base designed that is south of advanced rebel which smaller gangs could fight over. Feedback is obviously appreciated, however this post is aimed towards to competitions entrys. It would be much better if you posted suggestions like this on the suggestion part of the forum. The only community made designs recently added was Zaros cartel and the previous gang bases, obviously there is only one of me and while I try my hardest to make everything fair for both sides it is good to see what the community would come up with, understandably everyone has different abilitys but even if somones a basic design there is still potential to merge it with other ideas and expand upon it. While I could just make 3 gangbases and implement I would rather see what the community would like and in the case that no of the gangbases are adequate I would merge parts with them with designs I have came up with. This is where the competition could help as designs with more character and features could be implemented instead of just a basic compound. While I understand you will want to respond to these, I would like to keep this clear for just the entrys so if you would like to discuess further then im happy to talk on ts or discord.
  21. SKY


    Gang Base Competition 2.0!


  22. SKY


    Competition Time! As many of you know, the gangbases have been the same for a while now and with the success of the previous competition I have decided to run it again. Therefore, I am going to be hosting a competition to come up with your own gangbase designs. These ganbases need to be in the what used to be the HAVOC redzone however do not to be in the same postion as the current ones. They also need to have a minimum of 2 vehicle entrances, however the rest is up to you and you may use designs submitted in the previous competition. The top 3 will be implemented into the server (may be slightly modified). There will also be a cash prize for the following winners. 1st 10 million 2nd 5 million 3rd 2.5 million Deadline is the 17/05/20 Please follow the template for submitting your entry on this post: Name: SteamID: Locations/Description: Screenshots/Video: Goodluck!
  23. SKY


    The winner has been announced! 


  24. SKY

    Zaros Bay Cartel Competition

    Competition Winner! Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who submitted a cartel design, although your design may have not been picked now it could potentially be chosen in the future. If you would like any feedback on your design then feel free to message me on discord, teamspeak or the forums. After going through each design the dev team and myself have decided upon the top design. So congratulations to the winner! 1st 10 million @Majazuri If you have enjoyed this sort of competition then please tell me so we can run this sort of thing again!
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