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    5 year veteran to life servers, Arma is my main point of interest....and Moh Lester

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  1. the 2 step boiiii
  2. i like this suggestion very much, Well done Petter, I hope to see this implemented in the future.
  3. My profile song is catchier than your's.... Don't @Me 

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    2. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      My head is uncontrollably bobbing too and fro 🤔 @Kr4ken

    3. Kr4ken


      hahahaah, I told ya, I've been singing it in work all day, Everyone looking at me like, "F*****g weirdo" haahah xd @Paddy McCarthy

    4. Kr4ken


      @SpawnTheDeath will love this 

  4. Who da fook is that guy
  5. Cheers big lad 😉
  6. Thanks brother 😭
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