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  1. Time Submitted: 09:55:03 PM | 07/26/20 Submitted By: Andy Jamess (3191) Your In-Game Name: Andy James Who are you reporting?: John Gawuwuci Time/Date of event: 26/07/2020 20:40pm Rule's Broken: Combot logging Explain what happened: We where out patrolling as cops and we pulled him over this guy to ask him to see about his criminal record then we teaser initiate on him then we put him into handcuff then we where telling him has rights then he disconnected when in our custody. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/BqXN06vphFM Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Liam Johnson 23550
  2. he can report alll he want i give no fucking shit anyway
  3. Well if this new fation get this server up and going again am down for it like but i will miss havoc if its something like havoc will that will be alright for me. now its now when they putting it on the server and one got a time or date for this new fation.
  4. is that the real S/Sgt Andy James [HSOS]?!?!

    1. Andy Jamess

      Andy Jamess

      yes it is

    2. Salty☑️


      hello there andy this is your commanding officer wanna go blow up striders in checkpoint.

    3. Andy Jamess

      Andy Jamess

      oooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssssssss boi

  5. Bring Havoc / Phoenix Back Now! This how your fucking server is dead and if you ban of the forum because am saying this you have just made my point because this server was one of the best server on arma you can ever join I have been on here from 2017/18 this server is now a price of shit havoc was one good thing about this server. Now I have only came back to see how things where and I see one dead ass shit server now all the OGs are gone phoenix get your head out of your ass and do something about it. I came back on the server and a cop even ask me to have a gun fight with him because he had nothing to do. Myself and remaining community they said they would welcome havoc back even when everyone give shit to haovc they still would rather have it then not have it. If something is not done about well I know what ill be saying bye bye phoenix we had good memories and bad memories but your dieing now and all the OGs well remember the good times of this server means R.I.P PhoenixRP!!!!!! We will miss ya.
  6. If DGN came back it would not be the same TIA VS DGN back in the day was fun as hell toxic kids we where it was like ts every 5 mins xd
  7. yeah i was what happin to havoc is that about or is it gone
  8. I recognise the name but I can't really remember you - refresh my memory?

  9. are you the bandit i know like og bandit
  10. Teletubies Intelligence Agency Recruitment : OPEN OLD GANG RETURNS Links TIA Roster's Requirements In-Game Name - Required Steam ID - Required Age - Required Date of Birth - Required Timezone - Required Character RP Story - Required Why do you want to join the TIA - Required How long of you played on PhoenixRP? - Required Define 'roleplay' in your own words. - Required Are you able to speak fluent English? - Required
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