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  1. Niko

    idk tbh

    can i get a germany one pls @Cobra★
  2. SUV skins won't really influence RP in 99.9% of the scenarios, it's just cosmetics some people like.
  3. idk if the prestige skins should be removed as they are one of the very least prestige rewards, but +1 on more skins, @Viktor Reznov is very talented and could come up with some spicy stuff
  4. proud of my combat specialist Mystic, n1! 😎
  5. mason lad, can u like stop whining and maybe try to contribute to the case? Ted as everyone else in comm board are trying to find activities to entertain players and all you do is just shit on Ted for no reason smh my head
  6. I believe he has made a handbook for companies like Tanoa Sun Logistics or Tanoa Mining Corp, which are rather unique nowadays.
  7. Niko

    Hello everyone

    Hi there, welcome to PhoenixRP! We are glad to have you here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in Support Channels in TS or #support in Discord. Enjoy your stay here!
  8. if you believe this development of the faction is basic and foolish, i wonder what havoc was... i didnt see anyone complain about the basic and boring story havoc had but hey, lets cry about csat instead
  9. I believe the Aircraft Carrier is rather a decorative part of the operation that took place. It has the effect of enchanting the image of CSAT establishment. The main focus was the CSAT Distribution Centre. 150m might not be much to you, but you have to plan it was 300m in runs, where 50% when for milestones. Not really scripted, we were holding the HQ by the DMT when it was announced we won. We had control for most of the operation, we had people in deerstands and on the HQ, don't necessarily see how it is scripted. I don't wanna hear that when we did bank 2 days ago, we started with 14 cops on and had to do transport phase with 21 cops. APC is just a zerg as CSAT in that case. no one drops no mk-1's and no one gets access to zafs, so they are graverobbed. max people can get atm is a type-115, which by no means is bad, but no mk-1 whatsoever till Lt. or Viper #2. I'd keep suppressors in for the matter of night gunfights, good luck shooting any decent firearm at night without suppressor, i went blind last time. I can agree to a certain extend for the scopes, but yet again people see it as a gameplay style and therefore should not restrict it to just CQC (even though I hate roaches). I believe you weren't in CSAT long enough to see it portrayed in RP, at the beginning and at current times, we still assist rebels when needed and go against the police. We make contracts with rebels, therefore expanding our RP story further as outlined in the handbook.
  10. i havent seen 100 round mags for the CAR-95 as im aware. We don't have a limit on ifrits but we are reasonable w them, we can't overuse them. we have like 2 people that enjoy roaching, that being max and loly most of the time CTU has big numbers in game as well while using mk-1's (most of them) yet i dont see anyone complain about that, weird
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