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  1. Roy

    In a bit biscuit :D

    just another Toxic person prob has no clue why he is saying anything at all.
  2. Roy

    Player Report - tylub - 05/24/20 - Altis Life

    first thing you stated @MAISTRO_TR "lets go ban them" then paddy resolved it in support with tylub and you still decided to go for a report. i will decline it since you putted no effort in resolving and just seem to be out to get someone banned.
  3. Roy

    Altis Life Suggestions - Server wipe

    if anything it would drop the playerbase more.
  4. Roy

    Redzone KD

    locked. this post just turned toxic.
  5. Roy

    Personal House

    the personal house i bought last auction the signs (rebelshop/garage) are not working yet. SteamID: 76561198033158241
  6. Roy

    Player Report - Mike - 05/19/20 - Altis Life

    Declined. you still did not follow our way of reporting. 1- Dispute the accused by pressing "Home" key in game 2- Join TeamSpeak (TS IP: ts.phoenixrp.co.uk) and join "PhoenixRP | Join for Support" channel, a staff member will take it from there and make a support case about it. 3- If the case couldn't be resolved, Then you have the right to go to player report.
  7. Looks like server lag. Declined.
  8. Since this is not going to be resolved and after reading everything and talking to multiple around this report i am going to continue with the playerreport. I know there is compensation offert however it was not accepted since the reporting party feels like they will still lose on it and i must agree they lose money on the compensation offer. however i kept this in mind with my decisions. I will issue the next punishments: Joe Fisher - Warning for breaking the greenzone rule. Le chris - Warning for breaking the greenzone rule. Chezz - Warning for breaking the greenzone rule. Prince - Warning for breaking the greenzone rule. Kyro - 2 day ban for breaking the greenzone rule. Loaf - 2 day ban for breaking the greenzone rule. Kazz - 2 day ban for breaking the greenzone rule.
  9. Roy

    Player Report - Bobby boom/Raz - 05/13/20 - Altis Life

    @Raz after talking to multiple people of our staffteam i've decided that we are going to take all the money that is being earned from a rulebreak. and i will be issueing aswell a punishment on top of it for breaking the rules. this is going to be a 3 day ban for combatlogging.
  10. Roy

    Player Report - Bobby boom/Raz - 05/13/20 - Altis Life

    1.6 Combat Logging - Logging off at any point during an active roleplay situation or firefight is considered combat logging. If your game crashes you need to contact an admin straight away. you logged of within an active RP situation (the police was about to break into your house)
  11. Roy

    Player Report - Bobby boom/Raz - 05/13/20 - Altis Life

    After reviewing all the evidence and all been said about this situation i do think you broke the server rules. Do you still have the gold?
  12. I do think 2,000,000 would be fair to ask in this case since they are getting more rare and prices only goes up with this price he might be able to rebuy some. and do agree 3,250,000 is to much for what it is. if Jetan is willing to drop the price to 2,000,000 the Total value would be 71,000,000 would this be acccepteble for both of you @Jetan Holo @Kazz?
  13. @Jetan Holo can you give me your calculations for what you think should been given?
  14. Roy

    Player Report - Bobby boom/Raz - 05/13/20 - Altis Life

    This is the evidence provided by Curly. i will look into it
  15. @Jetan Holo Can you explain to me why you didnt take the compensation of 55.000.000
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