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  1. Grand. You shouldn't be deciding what happens to bank if anything. I know i'm being a bit of a cunt bit can you see, 2.9 are really the only people doing banks so realistically we should have the biggest input on this.
  2. NO This is about bank combat Gill doesn't do banks there for should have no input on the matter.
  3. Don't need input from someone who doesn't do banks. Leave it to the gods 2.9 and the poo poo APC
  4. Go build something that "YOU" will use for its intended use.
  5. Legit it’s a fucking bank, of course we are going to bring some of our best stuff. If cops can’t handle it well that’s not our fault. They have the option of pulling hunters, qilins and prowlers. But instead they enjoy sitting in buildings. It was the exact same at the old bank.
  6. How? The alternative is sitting in buildings waiting for someone to push who has free gear.
  7. Just came out of the coffin a few hours ago
  8. Sorry but this is about the cry baby @Inka☑️
  9. He was crying to me about it so I thought I would make this post.
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