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  1. Ollie


    My 3rd year at Phoenix. yikes.

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    2. Matt


      Last 3 mate @fisher

    3. Ollie


      @fisher @Matt cunts


    4. Max


      I mean i haven't meet/spoke to you ever in my 2 years here xD

      But from what i know you did a lot of web dev things and even scripts for the factions databases and a lot more, So yeah great to see that you have been here for 3 years 😉

  2. Ollie

    Brexit Means Brexit: Badger's Out

    thank fuck for that
  3. Ollie

    FiveM news teams

    The trouble with whitelisted jobs like this is that they're a pain to maintain from a personnel standpoint. We've considered similar roles in the past and probably will in the future, but I wouldn't count on it for now. Specifically with the news thing, there no reason you can't just do this yourself within roleplay and post on the forums/discord. Something like that to show there's an interest would make it more likely to be the table. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  4. Ollie

    Police PNC Additions

    Added an issued at time for the fines. As for the bolo thing, I'd have to look into it but I think an in-game solution for the sound would be the best option so I'll get back to you on that. Cheers for the suggestions
  5. Ollie

    PhoenixRP Stats Scraper

    thats not normal???
  6. Ollie

    PhoenixRP Stats Scraper

  7. Ollie


    been trolling noobs here for 2 years now, yikes

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    2. Kazz


      @Ollie You're less beautiful ❤️

    3. Alexander


      You are on of those people we just can't ban, I just can't do it.

    4. fisher


      doesn't count if you're afk for most of it

  8. Ollie

    PhoenixRP Stats Scraper

    I mean you could have just asked for an API and I would have whipped one up easy enough but I admire the effort that went into this.
  9. Ollie

    Corrupt Community Board.

    i was the admin
  10. Ollie

    • Ollie
    • Sig

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    2. Sig


      Yes. You belong with the rest of the sinners, like nick batsbak

    3. Ollie



    4. Alexander


      Wat the fuck ill become project lead fivem

  11. Ollie

    Stats page

    I'll be sorting this sometime this week.
  12. Ollie

    Can we get rid off FiveM ?

    I always love this meme FiveM makes no difference to 'other' expansions of the PhoenixRP community, so if it closed it would again make no difference at all to if Phoenix was to expand into a different game.
  13. Ollie

    Free game.

    In this instance it only carried information about where he got the link from, what campaign its linked to etc to display marketing.
  14. Ollie

    Free game.

    I mean that's quite possibly the worst suggestion ever. Anything after the ? is a variable that usually carries essential information, so removing it is going to just break whatever you're trying to load.
  15. Ollie

    Ban Appeal - Billy Something - 10/06/18 - GTA FiveM

    I'll have to look into exactly what you were doing at the time, because to be fair you've been flagged on 3 separate occasions for either teleport or health hacks.
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