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  1. Clemex

    Stepping away

    Bye bye paddy
  2. CMO Dennis of National Health Service

  3. Time Submitted: 07:55:51 PM | 10/13/20 Submitted By: Clemex Forum ID: 2128 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Website Suggestions Suggestion Title: Add Wiki link to homepage What Is Your Suggestion: Wiki page is not rlly being kept up to date, but would be nice to have it on the homepage.
  4. Auction reached end date. Moved to archive
  5. Clemex

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit #6

    Nice video @Ace Boyden
  6. join nhs

    1. Liam Johnson
    2. AIDEN ✅

      AIDEN ✅

      ill join if i dont need to do a application

  7. @Jayden Brown After reviewing the evidence I decided to approve it. You will be comped a Huron: £19.5mil and your loadout: £680k In total you will get a comp of £20.18mil

  9. After reviewing the evidence I came to the conclusion to give Aaron his first ban for RDM & Trolling. Allan will get his second ban of the month for the reason Green Zone & Trolling.
  10. NHS Information The National Health Service is there to make sure that everyone on Altis gets the medical help they need. They are a neutral force and they will help everyone regardless of their past. There is one department in the NHS located in Kavala. There are also two units in the NHS Medical Air Service (MAS) and Recruitment Training Division (RTD). Chief Medical Officer: Deputy Chief Medical Officer: @Sam Applefield NHS Database Kavala Department Within the Kavala Department, the Chief and his Deputy work together to ensure everything related to the members of the department is well running. They deal with LOA's, Inactivity and much more. Apart from that they also deal with the weekly promotions within their department. Kavala Command Chief: @Clemex Deputy: @s|mon Medical Air Service The Medical Air Service, also known as MAS are pilots trained to use specific helicopters. They will respond to all patients located on further distances MAS Command Chief: @Dennis Deputy: @Justin Smithy Recruitment Training Division The Recruitment Training Division exists out of a small team of well driven NHS members. They are the people who deal with your Application to join the NHS and they carry out all Interviews/Training's & Field Assessments within the NHS. RTD Command Chief: @Zac Deputy: @Adam Carter
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