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  1. DylanH

    Stepping away

    Please no
  2. DylanH


  3. From what Fulton said, and I agree, what James did is fine and is not exploiting. Player Report DECLINED.
  4. I'll be taking this case. I'll be taking the next 24 hours to review the one evidence. Anything you would like to add @JAMES!
  5. DylanH

    Ban Appeal - alexp - 08/28/20 - Altis Life

    If you are battleeye banned that is nothing to do with us, you will have to appeal with them. You are also infistar banned. Declined. Locked and Moved. @alexp
  6. DylanH

    Ban Appeal - alexp - 08/28/20 - Altis Life

    You are already unbanned according to our panel. @alexp
  7. DylanH

    Player Report - Bush - 08/26/20 - Altis Life

    Player report ACCEPTED Bush will be receiving his first ban for RDM & VDM. Locked and Moved.
  8. DylanH

    Player Report - Bush - 08/26/20 - Altis Life

    I'll be taking this report. The accused has 24 hours to respond.
  9. Aiight Ill close it then Locked and moved.
  10. DylanH

    Compensation Request - Zero - 08/15/20 (Altis Life)

    ACCEPTED Money will be in your account at the 4PM restart.
  11. ACCEPTED You will have your money at the 4 o clock restart.
  12. That is not possible @Billy Sprinkle What is going to happen is, Billy you are gonna get a verbal warning for RDM and @Ben Brindley you can post up a comp request. Player report ACCEPTED. Locked & Moved.
  13. @Billy Sprinkle @Ben Brindley Please set up a time that suits the both of you, Ben once you receive comp, reply to this report and I can close it.
  14. Compensation request ACCEPTED Compensation of 2,150,000 will be added to your account at the 8pm restart.
  15. @Billy Sprinkle This wasn't a server issue, in the clip you can hear the other civilian saying "cant hear you man", @Ben Brindley Obviously in the video you did pull out your gun but you aimed away from Billy, unless you were gonna pull a 360 double tap y no scope on him, I would class this as RDM, Billy you can either end this here by comping Ben for his gear or I will have to action on this report.
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